New Modern Warfare 2 perk Revealing Next Week

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is obviously one of the biggest hyped games this year. Possibly the reason so many other games are being delayed to early next year. So in all this anticipation Infinity Ward has the right to keep teasing us with tid bits here and there that get our nerdy minds so excited.

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Sunny_D3767d ago

I really don't care unless they actually start to drop the price and quit having that big mouth ceo talking at all.

gaffyh3767d ago

I'm with you there dude. Activision need to lower the price of the game, but they won't because plenty of people are still willing to pay the inflated price :(

Pandamobile3767d ago


-MD-3767d ago

You're paying the same as console owners cry more.

Pandamobile3767d ago

The console port in Canada is still $10 more than the PC version.

JeffGUNZ3767d ago

If you are not interested in MW2 than why do you keep posting in their posts?! I am not getting Viva Pinata, so I don't post in that section.

Mr Tretton3767d ago

The new perk allows you to launch PS3 Slims at Activision headquarters.

ZBlacktt3767d ago

New Perk? Just Yeeaaa! Due to MAG and Battlefield: Bad Company 2. I don't think anyone should care all that much anymore. I mean COD, small maps, very repetitive, rank means squat other than unlocking the same old weapons over and over with some simple perks. Speaking of, god do I hate that Martyrdom perk. That's like to most Noob perk one could have, lol...

Pandamobile3767d ago

Yeah. COD got too popular and it started attracting retards. I'll keep my distance from MW2.

S_C3767d ago

This trailer couldnt of come at a better time because people are starting to get bored of talking about the AC130 trailer and some people starting to turn on MW2. I do think that they should drop the price like all you guys think. I wonder what this attachment could be im thinking along the lines of double attachment atm like the artical said.

What do u guys think it could be ?

JeffGUNZ3767d ago

I am still praying for "static": Disabiling the enemies kill cam when you kill them. Basically, when you kill someone, instead of the kill cam showing them exactly where you are, it just shows static running through the screen. I think that would actually make sniping more fun and keep your location low key, if that's what you're going for.

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