Sega Restarts Genesis Poll, Removes Earthworm Jim

Sega's attempt to have fans choose the next Genesis classic to grace Xbox Live Arcade ran into a snag yesterday, when Gameloft announced vote-leader Earthworm Jim for Xbox Live Arcade.

Earthworm Jim was winning the voting for the next Sega Genesis classic by a wide margin yesterday, when Interplay and Gameloft made their big announcement: Earthworm Jim was coming to all consoles in downloadable form. The bad news? Sega had to remove Jim from the poll. The good? We're getting Earthworm Jim anyway.

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Cajun Chicken3771d ago

lol, I don't believe Interplay didn't tell them about the fore coming deal with Gameloft.

Elven63771d ago

Maybe Sega jumped the gun and thought Interplay would accept, they do need the money afterall.

TheColbertinator3771d ago

Sweet.I'm voting for Shining Force again

3771d ago