Marvel comics coming to PSP

Gamer Limit writes "Another piece of news from Sony's Gamescom presser that is bound to please comic book fans.

Literally hundreds of Marvel comics will be available for download on PSPs, coinciding at the same time as the launch of the PSP reader software. Click on to find out when you can read Spiderman on the subway or the Punisher on the plane."

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AcesAndEights3762d ago

Only Marvel? Would love to see a greater variety come to it before it's worthwhile, and I don't just mean "gimme DC", I want to see lots like IDW and Image

OSIRUSSS3762d ago

Marvel Has the hottest Comic book character out right now. DeadPool!!!

FarEastOrient3762d ago

With DC Universe coming out I'm actually surprised that Marvel beat them to the punch with this content. I also want Dark Horse to release content too!

Welcome to TGS, Japan will probably be announcing a flood of manga for the PSP...

TheGameLlama3762d ago

Deadpool has been canceled for a while now, though...

Ziriux3762d ago

hey I'll take marvel over not having any buddy. any day.

Ziriux3762d ago

Shizzy the PSP is getting a lot of hype these days.

Elven63762d ago

Call me traditional but I like the feeling of traditional comics, books, etc over the electronic counterparts. That doesn't mean I won't check this out though.

fossilfern3762d ago

i know what you mean. its a nice idea but id rather have a paper copy

swiftshot933762d ago

I agree, but this is just another reason to always have my PSP. Anytime Im in the mood, and on the go, comics will be at my disposal :D

chrisjc3762d ago

I love digital books: I've been buying E-Books for years.

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The story is too old to be commented.