PSP minis: Sony's Answer to Apple's App Store

Sony Computer Entertainment gives a direct upper-cut to Apple with their upcoming strategy. Beware, iPod touch!

Today at Sony's Gamescom 2009 press conference the company introduced PSP Minis, a range of smaller, cheaper downloadable games for the PSP and PSP Go.

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RememberThe3573763d ago

It's funny how fast things can change when you start doing hings right. Sony is making major moves right now.

Now all of a sudden people are taking a different tone with the PS3 and PSP.

Sarcasm3763d ago

They're making some huge changes. First they offered a new PSP revision, and then of course the big news of PS3 slim and price drop. As well as making further strides in their motion controller. On top of that, the whole FW 3.0 with a new look is also something to look foward to. On top of that, the GAMES. GT PSP, GT5, Uncharted 2, Ratchet & Clank, MAG, God of War III etc. etc.

Seriously, as much as people hate Sony or hate the PS3 for whatever reason, you cant knock Sony for truly supporting their products with great hardware and software.

ThanatosDMC3763d ago

I bet there's gonna be more Loco Roco type games. Also, do PSP games play on the PS3? I havent tried it... but it'd be great if they let us play PSP games on PS3 like they do with PS1 games.

Xephon083763d ago

Sad thing is Sony has done a ton since the ps3 launched to improve it, the amount of 1st party games that have come out and the innovation in games like LBP and Fat Princess and Flower. They just don't get the credit, and people would rather poke fun at them.

In all honesty Sony has done more for Digital Distribution of games then MSFT has but you don't hear those news you hear the "OMG PS3 is DOOMED JUMP SHIP RUN AWAY COVER YOUR TRACKS" I'm excited about the news, i love bite sized psp games makes the system that much better.

FamilyGuy3763d ago

But Im not a fan of the 1Mb or less limit. How about 25Mbs?

mrv3213763d ago

Is this different tone more negativity.

The PS3 apparently has allready failed according to most recent article saying 'Gamescon is too late for the PS3'

Gamertags3763d ago

What on earth are you talking about? Not even close! Come on! Seriously? What?

One dumb article.

FarEastOrient3763d ago

It is nice to see a company still be able to compete several other companies at the same time with a single device.

blusoops3763d ago

the limit is 100mb not 1mb. It'd b almost imposible to make a game with only 1mb limit. check the ign blog, it clearly states 100mb limit, which is awesome. I cant wait!!

dragunrising3763d ago

I'm most impressed that Hero of Sparta is one of the PSP "mini" games.

FamilyGuy3761d ago

Thanks for clearing that up, I could swear I read 1Mb somewhere, maybe it was a typo.

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cmrbe3763d ago

Why aren't these games playable on the PS3 as well?. Why just the PSP?.

Xephon083763d ago

Agree with you, it would be awesome if the PS3 could emulate the psp and thus games like this could be played on both.

cmrbe3763d ago

what would happen to PSP sales if we could emulate it on the PS3.

FamilyGuy3763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

But psp games aren't playable on the PS3 because it would hurt psp sales. I know I wouldn't buy a PspGo! if everything available on the Psp is available on the PS3.

The minis are another case though, they might be hardware specific apps like whats found on the iphone, things that only makes sense on a portable device or it small screen. 1mb games might look especially crappy, plus we probably wouldn't buy them as not seeing the value in a $1-$2 games that looks like crap on our tvs.

In the end they could do it, an easily, the just want to make money on the psps so they won't.

Lou-Cipher3763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

"Why aren't these games playable on the PS3 as well?. Why just the PSP?."

If you could play PSP games on the PS3, then alot of people would have no reason to pay $250 for a PSP Go.

I know you cant pack up you PS3 and take it on an airplane, but the value of the PSP would not be as strong if it didn't have its own exclusive games.

I have already pre-ordered my PSP Go, but if I could play GT PSP/Assassins Creed PSP/MGS PW/FF Dissidia then I wouldn't buy one.

I think as PS3 owners, we all understand that exclusive games, and reliable hardware are the most important piece to a quality console.

Would be nice to play PSP games on a PS3 though.

It would be better to play PS3 games on a PSP, but I think we will have to wait for a much more capable PSP. (maybe PSP 2 or 3)

DarkArcani3763d ago

I for one am not going to get a psp anytime soon, however I would like to play some of the psp games. Might as well make money on the software they already developed.

And if anything, if my library for psp is large enough I might get one.

cmrbe3763d ago

I think most people buy the PSP because its portable i think not because they had to play a particular game on it. My logic is must have games is mostly develop and found on the main home consoles but not portables. If Sony allows PSP game to be played on the PS3 they could expect more SW sales from gamers that woun't buy a PSP in the first place. SW especially DD is where alot of money will be made.

I was just thinking if it would be better for Sony or not.

Jack Meahoffer3763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

Remember portablity is a big factor. I don't think it would hurt PSP Go sales that much if you could play minis games on PS3. Especially with remote play. The two systems compliment each other. Would seem like a win win to me.

Xephon083763d ago

yeah good point the the psp sales would suffer, still to me PSP is the best handheld ever made there are a ton of games on it i just plain love. Cant wait for this hopefully the price of the games is no more then 4.99

cmrbe3763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

Imagine a PS4 with PS1,PS2,PSP emulation @ $3-5 a game DD with PS3 disc game BC. That would be insane. One can only wish i guess.

What i actually meant is that Sony should at least make these mini game avaliable for the PS3 as well and not just for the PSP. I am sure it won't be that hard to make them run on the PS3.

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deadreckoning6663763d ago

I agree. I hate Apple,but I thk portable gaming as a whole sucks.

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3763d ago

...PS3:Mini coming out??? ;-D ;-D ;-D

RUMOUR starts now... ;)

Mo0eY3763d ago

It'd be really cool to download these games for your PS3, play it on that, and then take them wherever you want to with your PSPGo. One can dream.

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