Video: New Tron Tastes Just LIke Old Tron

Retro titles on Xbox Live Arcade generally have two flavors: original and enhanced. has one video of Tron in its original state for the Xbox Live Arcade and the enhanced version. Now, we all know Tron is a classic and many don't want it tampered with, but the enhanced version barely looks different at all. If this is all the "enhancement" that's being done it seems like a waste of developer resources. Xbox360Fanboy put this question to their readers: if this passes for enhanced visuals, is it even worth it? Would you rather see developers enhance both visuals and gameplay, as Rare did with Jetpac Refuelled?

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Arkham4189d ago

Ah, you lucky bastiches. Wish we had that on PSN, but Discs of Tron even more so.

Anyone try it yet? Is it actually out yet?