Sony Talks PS3's 30 Percent Slimdown (Gamasutra Interview)

30 percent is the watchword for the new PlayStation 3 Slim, says Sony -- it's "30 percent slimmer, 30 percent lighter and uses 30 percent less power," Sony PlayStation Network operations director Eric Lempel tells Gamasutra.

"There were a number of different things that went into making this unit less expensive, and a few of the parts were redesigned," he says. "Several things were changed in order to make this possible."

Aside from the slightly bigger 120GB hard drive, says Lempel, the Slim is "identical" in power and ability, and nothing has been compromised.

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Xof3766d ago

If it's really "identical" in terms of ability, I'd be able to play my PS2 games on it.

cryymoar3766d ago (Edited 3766d ago )

BC has been removed from the PS3 for about a year now.
stay in the xb360 section fanboy.

Major_Tom3766d ago

He has a point honestly BC is expected by now, same with Cross-game chat and private chat.

Xof3764d ago

I'm a 360 fanboy because I don't want a console with gimped features?

The 360 is even more gimped than the PS3! Geh.... so... bloody... goddamn... stupid.

3764d ago