Hardcore Wii Franchise #4: Trauma Center

For the second installment of Gamertell's five-day series that it calls "Top 5 hardcore Wii franchises (for gamers ready to do more than bowl)," the site's writer focuses on Trauma Center.

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EvilTwin5309d ago

Technically it's not an exclusive Wii franchise (as noted in the article, it started on the DS), but good pick, nonetheless.

I've seen a few snide comments on here about "playing doctor" regarding this game, but TC is frickin' tough (and that used to count for something in core games; just look at Mega Man 9). Tougher than most "hardcore" games released as of late, and it's one franchise that just wouldn't feel right with dual analog.


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ApocalypseShadow1861d ago

Bring Red Steel 2 to VR please.


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Game Idealist take a look at the top ten gifts for new Wii gamers back in 2006.

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Why We Should Play More Video Games

Ms Throwback of TLR Writes "While branches of the military have made their own video games simulations to help improve military personnel in combat situations, it has been shown that different genres of video games make eye-hand coordination better over all."

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