God of War 3 Screenshots Celebrate Purple

Chris Faylor: "The blast of new media from GamesCom 2009 continues with these God of War III screenshots from Sony, which illustrate how some weapons emit pretty colors."

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LordMarius3770d ago

Yes you get to fight Hades(I think thats him)
I cant wait any longer

presto7173770d ago

It will be sooo much fun destroying Hades.


PixlSheX3770d ago

In the end... he will suffer...

deshon093770d ago (Edited 3770d ago )

yeah we do get to fight Hades but i don't think that is him still cant wate to kill that dude

but then agin that could very well be hades we will see

Myze3770d ago (Edited 3770d ago )

Hmm, I may very well be wrong, but I would assume Hades would be probably the 2nd to last boss, as he's probably the most important god left apart from Zeus and **possible spoiler** Athena (who won't show up). I don't see them showing pics of that fight, just like I wouldn't expect to see pics of the inevitable Zeus or titans fight, at least not yet.

Also, I'm not sure that looks much like what I would think Hades looks like in the game. It looks more like a mini-boss and a lackey (maybe the guardian of Hades), since it looks like some mindless abomination, not a god, even if it is the god of the underworld. Although, that being said, I'm probably wrong and it is Hades. ;)

(edit: ugh, come to think of it, I really am probably wrong, because I seem to remember in GoW2, I think it was, there is some silhouette or something showing Hades and I remember that helmet. Maybe I'm thinking of something else. Either way, if it does or doesn't turn out to be Hades, he looks cool.)

LarVanian3770d ago (Edited 3770d ago )

None of you guys played God of War 2 did you? There was a scene of Hades going head to head with Chronus. He was also in the final cutscene along with Zeus and some other Gods.
That is indeed Hades. I think he will grow in size as the fight progresses. On a magazine cover depicting Kratos and his uncle fighting, Hades was about the size of a building.

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peedie163770d ago

I wonder how many of the gods you'll actually get to fight in the game

cranium3770d ago

I think I'm missing a couple, but they were all there atop Mt. Olympus at the end of GoW2.

alster233770d ago

ur missing hermes but idont know if you can count helios as a boss fight though unless you think ripping his head is a fight but he was powerless

Myze3770d ago

Well, considering how adverse Kratos is with working with others, I have a feeling that finishing off the gods is only half the game, right before you go after the bigger, badder titans who are only using Kratos (at least that's how he will see it).

TheHater3770d ago

for a second there, I thought this was a painting.

Aclay3770d ago

Yeah, I know what you mean, that screenshot totally took me by surprise as well.... I guess now I know what Jaffe meant when he said "God of War 3 is "Like a Painting Come to Life", because it just looks that good.

cmrbe3770d ago

It looks like art work to me.

Myze3770d ago (Edited 3770d ago )


If you go to the site and enlarge the image, it's easy to see that's it's clearly an in-game shot, and it looks great. Whether it's a touched up image or not, we will have to wait and see, but I would say it's not.

colossi163770d ago

These screen-shots are epic.

3770d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.