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villiers3771d ago

Oh god the voice acting is nearly as bad as Star Ocean 4. Graphics also looks pretty lack luster. Heard alot of negative opinions on people who have imported this game.

Sigh I guess Final Fantasy XIII and maybe Renosance of Fate will be the pinacle RPG's this gen.

callahan093771d ago

Don't know who you spoke with. I imported this game and the graphics are great (the environments in particular, and the architecture of the buildings and cities is really awesome and unique). The gameplay is fun, deep, customizable to the extreme, and challenging. This is a great game and I will buy it AGAIN when it comes out in English. Don't know about the voice acting, and don't particularly care. This is a great game.

presto7173771d ago

Even though I think the main character's costume is freaking lame.

callahan093771d ago (Edited 3771d ago )

That's just the starting costume. Every piece of equipment you get in the game, from your weapons, to shirt/armor, legs/pants, gloves, boots, helmets/hats, whatever is represented on your character when you equip it. There is some pretty badass looking stuff you can get.

Light Yagami3771d ago

The voice overs sucks. The game is lame anyways.

Ichiryoka3771d ago

That attitude right there is what got you killed.

A_Little_Girl3771d ago

have you even play it, yes, i agree that american voice suck, but the gameplaay will be fun and awesome just like any level 5 game.

Light Yagami3771d ago

I have the game, and there's a crap load of glitches and annoying things. The ending was complete bonkers too. They might fix the glitches in the NA one.

LordMarius3771d ago

So many games coming
Hope Level 5 fixed the issues from the Japanese version

Vivi3771d ago

The bad voice acting was why I stopped playing SO4 since it was so ubearable. It made the game unplayable.

I can see th same happening to this. It will just completely ruin the story and how I view the characters.

Just announce Dark Cloud 3 Level 5....

Da One3771d ago

Level 5 always delivers

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