New Heavy Rain trailer is all about love

Fresh from Gamescom comes a brand new trailer and screenshots for Heavy Rain, PS3's exclusive "psychological thriller." This latest trailer reveals a brand new character on his quest, one in which everything was done out of love. "How far will you go to save someone you love?" the trailer asks. We'll all find out when the game debuts next year.

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swiftshot933766d ago

those graphics (especially character models) are freaking insane. And the story seems so emotional. This trailer was really well done and is the best trailer for this game yet. *claps*

Hellsvacancy3766d ago

I only saw 3 seconds of it and was like "Adam (me) NO - resist temptation and not look"

LordMarius3766d ago

This trailer sold me
I wasnt interested until now
But I will still wait for reviews ;)

swiftshot933766d ago

same for me. I wasnt very interested in this game but the story and characters in this trailer alone makes me VERY interested. Also, those insane crazy graphics help :P

UnSelf3766d ago

And here is one of the billions of reasons i absolutely love Sony

meepmoopmeep3766d ago

i'm avoiding watching this or reading the news.

Indigo Prophecy gave me enough incentive to pick this game up day one.

Alcon Caper3766d ago

It looks amazing. I loved loved loved Indigo Prophecy. One of the first times I felt real fright during a video game was when Carla had to go into the archives as a claustrophobic. The controls and the atmosphere..gah!

Heavy Rain looks like it'll continue that vein of gaming. With this and The Last Guardian, I see no reason for the older gamer to avoid buying a PS3...

Rockox3766d ago

Damn, now I really want to play Indigo Prophecy again...

INehalemEXI3766d ago

Im really bothered by that new PS3 logo , I prefer Playstation 3 in chrome text. The rain is good.

meepmoopmeep3766d ago

A game heavily built on story and characters should not be spoiled.
you guys are brave to read/watch that stuff.

anyone never played Indigo/fahrenheit i advise you to play it to know what you're getting into
this type of game is not for everyone.

Bubble Buddy3766d ago (Edited 3766d ago )

Woah kids playing with lightsabers at 0:24 :O. The characters looks really great.

InfectedDK3766d ago

Looks awesome.. I'm more convinced now that this will turn out as a really decent game that I might just buy when it releases..

RememberThe3573766d ago

this looks freakin sweet. I don't even care if most of the game is QTE. Bring'em on, I'll be quick timing the mess out of this game!

Story telling FTW!

CadDad3766d ago

As a parent, a lot of things go through your head when you watch something like that....

I played Indigo Prophecy, and I rarely say I'm going to buy a game based on the merits of the predecessor, but Indigo Prophecy was so deep emotionally that I just have to play Heavy Rain.

I'm excited for this one.


Simon_Brezhnev3766d ago (Edited 3766d ago )

i was already getting it but after watching this i cant wait 2 get it if Europe gets it 1st im importing it lol. Ive been dying of a good story telling game.

Whats the name of that song in the trailer? send me a pm if you know it

frnkyl3766d ago

The character models are a lot better than the ones seen from the trailer from the PS Store

cyberwaffles3766d ago

i love the haters who don't even know what they're talking about. the game is more than just quick time events, you're in control of your movements and can look in different directions.

holding r2 makes you walk forward while l2 makes you step backwards. you can turn your head in different directions and holding either l2 or r2 makes you walk in that direction.

when you look at certain things, you may notice something interactive about it so the game is really big into adventuring and exploring. not only that, it's a detective game too so this just makes even more sense.

and to make things a little better, most movements and actions pieces are associated with the R3 stick. if you're doing a jab punch at someone, then you would move your R3 stick kind of like if you were playing fight night and everyone enjoys that. if you're rolling to the right, you tap the R3 in the right direction.

of course that's just real basic examples of the game. if you follow more of the game you would realize how dynamic and big this game really is.

as for alan wake, i'm really looking forward to it especially since it's from the same people who did the max payne games. however, stuff like real time day and night simulation doesn't prove it being better than heavy rain, especially since they're completely different games.

ShabzS3766d ago (Edited 3766d ago )

actually lost his kid in the mall that way ... i mean they found his kid later on in the day ... but he based that sequence from his own life...

okay so the graphics look good.. but the car scene was just okay.. from what it looks like is that the character textures look better than the environment... its the "mass effect" thing all over again... definitely the story will be the main aspect of this game... and that was a cool trailer

JL3765d ago

I can't wait for this game. Going to be day one buy definitely. This is definitely a great move towards mature games I think. Narrative actually taking to the forefront. Seems like the story for this is going to be awesome. This trailer was pretty emotionally involving. I do, however, think I'm going to have to stop watching things for this game now. I don't want to ruin it since this is going to revolve around the story. Should be epic. I've definitely seen more than enough to be sold.

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StrboyM3766d ago

recently posted on "Alan wake" thread, and I said some kind things, but if you see this game then that one.....wooo, this blows Alan wake out of the stratosphere!!

I'm very impressed by those character models. animation and lighting are incredible.

meepmoopmeep3766d ago

i'm getting both HR and AW

i win

iHEARTboobs3766d ago

So I win too. Anyone else want to join the winners circle?

MGSR THE HD VERSION3766d ago (Edited 3766d ago )

"2 - You Know
recently posted on "Alan wake" thread, and I said some kind things, but if you see this game then that one.....wooo, this blows Alan wake out of the stratosphere!! "

yes it does......especially when you need to put makeup on just to continue with the game, to bad alan can't do that.

or avoiding a black guy who's voice acting sounds closer to a white guy possing as being black.

Timesplitter143766d ago

eh... console wars are so 2 years ago

7ero H3LL3766d ago

a much better trailer than the other trailers i saw before but it's no psychological thriller killer. the story of this one man isn't what heavy rain is about.

heavy rain's about 4 people,

the last story to be revealed i'm guessing is this guy.

ZOMBIEMAN13766d ago

jealous that PS3 owners get games that aren't just shooters but hey Heavy Rain is a mature game i can't expect immature little boys like yourself to understand this

wxer3766d ago (Edited 3766d ago )



look at the genre man

Genre(s) Interactive movie ("Interactive drama")[4] (Psychological Mystery/Dark Thriller)

MGSR THE HD VERSION3766d ago (Edited 3766d ago )

you guys are saying that one 2 hr story of one man can match up against one whole game about one person?

now that's funny.

not to mention heavy rain bases it's gameplay on how is that better? (pushing an x button to pull a trigger in a qte moment vs actual AI combat)

edit, plus heavy rain doesn't have time of day changes in it's gameplay like alan wake does.

wxer3766d ago (Edited 3766d ago )

what one person ?

Heavy Rain talks about 4

and you seem to mess the part where it sayes "Interactive movie"

while alan wake is an "action" game

see the diffrence ?

soo if its on QTE
i dont think that there would be a actual AI combat

i well be like sort of slow motion points

yes ofcorse
its a Interactive movie
so evrything is pre-sit

MGSR THE HD VERSION3766d ago (Edited 3766d ago )

bookmarking this page, for when the rating of both games come out.

i loved the "killzone 2 will beat halo3" n4g posts and the "resistance 2 to beat gears2" articles, i got those backed up too.

360 man3766d ago

wat on earth are u guys talking about dis game has barely anything on screen. go and watch a video of alan wake and look at how many polygons alan wake is pushing.

alan wake

heavy rain

now u tell me wat looks better

cyberwaffles3766d ago

heavy rain still looks better in my opinion. both have great visuals but i'm more interested in what heavy rain has to offer. we've seen countless shooters and even though alan wake isn't going to be your typical mindless shooter, it will still have the same controls to just about any other shooter out there.

heavy rain on the other hand is really one of a kind. you won't see games like this anywhere else so instead of thinking which one looks better (especially since we've seen very limited gameplay of both games) play something that actually sounds like fun or promising.

i'm looking forward to both, but heavy rain is looking a lot more appealing right now to me.

as for graphics, they're both excellent so why argue about the very minuscule detail like that extra texture on a leaf or whatever?

you're trying to tell me this doesn't look good?

Nikuma3766d ago

Fanboys are too funny. This is a day 1 for me. Looks absolutely epic.

Greywulf3766d ago (Edited 3766d ago )

Stop talking about graphics 360 owners, please. Unless its about a fraction of a tenth of a second for a screentear on a game that ultimately looks identical.. you have no right to comment when there aren't any 360 games that can touch:

GT5P/Killzone2/Uncharted1/Unc harted2/Motorstorm2/Little Big Planet yadda yadda this gets boring to repeat over and over, but one day it will sink in.

Wake me up when they add facial animation to alan wake. Hell wake me up when a 360 engine does something new.

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farsided3766d ago

lol...reminded me of Peter Molyneux!

But seriously. This looks fantastic and I think it has a great premise.

Grandreaper99993766d ago

As soon as I saw the scene with the dad carrying the kid on his shoulders, it made me think of what other kinds of non-violent intricacies wait in this game. Sure, putting on makeup before going undercover might not be the most exciting thing ever, but playing through a dad's memories may be (different at least.

I don't know why Alan Wake is even being brought up here, they both seem very, very different. By the looks of things, they're both going to be very, very good.

I've been really pumped for Heavy Rain since that tech demo was released, with the girl auditioning for a part in a movie. I think they're nearing those level of graphics. Very excited.

Ichiryoka3766d ago

Do you people realize that this trailer just covers one characters story and it was that good?

I wonder how the other characters will play a role in this guys life.

This is going to be a I mean experience to remember.

Max Power3766d ago

also looks like two characters stories intertwine a little. This trailer has reignited my interest for this game, I can't wait.

frnkyl3766d ago

You can actually see him interacting with
Madison Paige for a couple seconds in the trailer.

JL3765d ago

Yea it should be amazing to see how all these characters' stories weave together and what epic story unfolds. I can see some sort of "Crash" or "11:14" clever plot playing out in this game. Which makes it even more appealing. You're right though, this won't be a game, it will truly be an experience.