PS3 Slim sized up: smaller, deeper, no Linux or PS2 compatibility


"At this point, would-be PlayStation 3 buyers have two options: wait until next month to get the ultra-hip PS3 Slim model for $300, or plop down that same figure now for its chunkier older brother. As far as we can tell, unless you're absolutely dying to load Linux or another OS on top of the console, or have some strong aversion to matte finishes, there's really no incentive to purchase one right now without a more drastic price cut -- or if you're really lucky, perhaps you can find one of the older, discontinued models that can still play PS2 games."

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Cwalat3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

PS2 emulation might end up coming in a future firmwire update.

Doubt they would patent it for no reason. They are obviously trying to make it happen, but not any time soon.

Also, who gives a rats ass about other OS installs? 0,000001% might get pissy over that but not the majority.

Sony did excactly what potential buyers wanted, lower the price to 299$ and release a new slimmer PS3 for those wanting that. They even pumped up the harddisk with another 40GB.