EA to Add Favre to Madden 10, Stats Revealed

Gamervision Writes:
"Yeah, Brett Favre is returning to the NFL. He recently said that, after thinking hard about it, he wouldn't be returning. He probably cried a little, and got really emotional. Then he forgot about all of it and joined on as the quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings. Tomorrow, that change will be present in Madden 10, with the same update that will add new Eagles Quarterback Michael Vick to the game."

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ElementX3763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

I hate the way people can't make up their mind and stick to it. He retired, then he said he wasn't joining the Vikings, now he says he is. Give me a break. Hey I live in Mn, but this guy's like 40 and I'm sure the Vikes won't get their money's worth. The current QB has pretty much the same stats, from what I saw on ESPN. They did a comparison of numbers.

But hey, I don't follow sports. I just think Favre is bogus to be flip flopping so much

Cinos1233763d ago

Whats his decision making stat? -50?

Good to have him back though; couldnt imagine a season without favre

XKRUCI83762d ago

Add Favre? For what 800 MS points?