Will PS3 Price Drop Make a Difference?

Sony has today confirmed what everyone had been expecting: a new PS3 model for $299. But how much will this cheaper pricing structure benefit Sony and stimulate the PS3 marketplace? IndustryGamers contacted several analysts to get their take, and it seems most agree that Sony will finally see a much needed boost in PS3 sales.

"I think a price cut is key to stimulating sales, especially in this economy. It can be really hard to justify a premium price when you have two strong competitors with very solid systems. At a lower price I think there is a great deal of potential to get a lot of the PS2 consumers that were setting on the fence to jump in," DFC Intelligence's David Cole told us. " And there are a lot of those consumers out there....research shows the PS2 is still one of the most popular systems in terms of usage. We had actually built into our forecasts going two years back a drop to $300 in fall of 2009 and at the time our models showed a strong spike in sales because of the drop. Now factoring in the recession it may not be as strong but it is still a net positive for the whole industry when hardware is at mass market prices."

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Trollimite3761d ago

this has to a new record! its been less than 2 hours, and the "does it matter" articles are already coming in! wow that was fast!

rhood0223761d ago


While this one article sees the price drop as a good thing (and any sane person would agree), it's inevitable that an article bearing a similar title but "arguing" why it won't work will show up.

Not only that, but you've got the:

"Sony's Desperate attempt to (fill in blank)"
"Price Drop and new model? Why this move means Sony's in trouble"
"Despite Price Drop, PS3 still more expensive"

articles to look forward to.

darthv723761d ago

The bigger question is how much. Price drops spark interest and we have yet to see what ms has to counter. Even if they dropped the elite down to 299 it isnt much going up against a full blu player w/wifi as well as same size 120gb hdd.

Lots of people who want a ps3 were waiting for a good price drop. Now that the price is dropping there should be no reason to hold off. Unless there was never any intention in the first place? I see lots of fanboys on this site claiming that they want one or the other and never get one even though prices and features change to try and spark their interest.

This year will be good for sony if people are willing to bite now that the price is 299.

mastiffchild3761d ago

Personally I feel it's the smart price to introduce the Slim with. Any lower and they leave themselves with little room to move should MS/Nunty counter by cheapening their own wares as well.

I doubt Sony could make a profit on a $200-250 PS3 yet either but this price means that when the costs go down they have some elbow room. I never thought the $199 PS3 slim was possible or even wise if they could do it.

Lets see how many people who said they were waiting for a price cut before getting a PS3 were being truthful and just how many say that it's still way too dear. This should be interesting though why it's so much dearer in the EU is beyond me-I dread to think what the UK price will end up at-probably just what it is now!

Rockox3760d ago

All I know is that I'm a 360 owner, and with Sony's price drop, they've given me one more reason to buy a PS3. Give me a couple more exclusive games and some backwards compatibility and I'm there.

deadreckoning6663760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )

Yes, it WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE! The price drop will mainly influence people who already have a 360, but I don't see it working as well for NEW next-gen console buyers.

360 Elite offers 160GB for(soon to be announced) 300 bucks and is more popular than the pS3 at this point

PS3 Slim offers 80GB for 300 bucks and is not as popular as the 360

@Cold- From what I see here, M$ still has the price advantage if this Elite going down to 300 bucks rumor is confirmed. They have the value advantage as well since a ps3 slim offers 80 gigs for 300 bucks and the elite will offer 160 gigs for 300 bucks. So in a sense, M$ is actually in a better position than before as far as value. Double the gigs for the same price. If u disagree, please tell me why in a pm or in this section. I know M$ hasnt confirmed anythg yet but if PS3 people can talk up the existence of a $300 ps3 weeks before it was even confirmed, why can't I assume that there will be a $300 Elite?

ADD me: psn-deadreckoning666

Cold 20003760d ago

360 Elite (main 360 version): 300$

PS3 Slim: 300$

The "console wars" has just entered a new phase.

How are MSFT going to bounce back ? They dont have the price advantage anymore...

Let the games begin !

Marceles3760d ago

i think we all predicted these articles were coming one way or another, even while it was rumored

Trollimite3760d ago

noted. but i ment that, the ps3 slim cant be out for a full day before we see any kind of articles about it. i know the media is fast but i believe that they should take a minute, get the facts, weigh the factors, then write an article!

articles are better that way! or so i beilive

InfectedDK3760d ago

Sometimes people just think and asks themselves too much instead of facing reality.. It often occurs because people don't like the outcome..

3760d ago
BulletToothtony3760d ago

the 80gb ps3 is climbing up as well..

sales will speak for themselves.. no need to defend the ps3 anymore

Rockox3760d ago

I wonder how soon it will be before we see that douchebag Bobby Kotick say "I told you so!!"

Ju3760d ago

I think it'll have a huge impact. Double the 360 and almost reaching the Wii. Taking bets.

Anon19743760d ago

" most agree that Sony will finally see a much needed boost in PS3 sales."

Why is a boost "much needed"? No one was publishing articles saying a 360 boost was "much needed" and the PS3 outsold the 360 by 1.5 million consoles in 2007, outsold them last year by over a million before the price cut - and still tied the 360. Even this year there's only 190,000 console separating the PS3 and 360 according to official numbers from each company.

How can they say a boost is "much needed" for the PS3 when no one was saying that regarding the 360. Just seems a bit hypocritical to me, especially when you consider the 360's price advantage.

ThanatosDMC3760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )

A friend of mine just went to gamestop to buy a PS3. I told the idiot to wait for the Slim but he couldnt wait to get his hands on a PS3. So he bought one today. People are just waiting for the console to be more affordable.

Also, check out Home. Write out a bad word and check how much Mods are itching to suspend people!

Marceles3760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )

Now it's #3 on Amazon lol, I preordered mine as well.

The one thing I really don't want to happen is PS3 is behind the 360 one month by only a couple of hundred of units, I can REALLY see the articles that come pouring in then.

"PS3 price drop not good enough? Sales confirm it."
"Analyst: If you're smart Sony, make PS3 free to outsell the 360"

Bubble Buddy3760d ago

Sony needs to market this strongly though. I already told my friends waiting for a price drop and they're gonna get it right away, but they can't rely on me to get the word out :P

GameGambits3760d ago

Is the sky blue?
Is the grass green?
Does N4G let in 90% BS dumb "news" articles?

Mike134nl3760d ago

yes indeed
like mentioned in the article "How impactful it will be will be dependent on Sony's execution"

Silellak3760d ago

I am buying one now. I didn't buy one before. So, I would guess, yes.

FireJackal3760d ago

Long Answer:

solar3760d ago

immediate: yes long term: undecided. depends on the exclusives.

NexGen3760d ago

Of course it will make a difference. I'm going to get one to keep my 360 company. Before this price drop/new model, I wasn't going to get one. It has already made a difference.

darthv723760d ago

I am all for price cuts and this is a great time to get one. If you have only the 360, get a ps3 as well. If you have a wii, get a ps3 as well.

Now it is time to play devils advocate.

What will happen if the price cut DOESN'T work? Price is lowered and games are out but still nobody buys it. Games keep coming out with good reviews but still, nobody buys them. What is sony to do to get people to really abandon their old gen systems and game in HD?

Back to reality now. Sony is sure to turn more than a few heads with this news. Good time to be a gamer.

dcbronco3760d ago

to know that it would make a difference. The question is really how much? I think it will be big enough to finally equal 360 sales in the US. The problem is it might not be enough to actually catch the 360 this gen.

FireJackal3760d ago

Quoting the best game ever:
"Payback is a bi#!$"

AAACE53760d ago

I have always had interest in the Ps3, but this slim version gives me a sense of urgency to pick up one!

commodore643760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )

@ darkride.

"Even this year there's only 190,000 console separating the PS3 and 360 according to official numbers from each company."

Hmmm.. that sounds a lot like some trademark Darkride66 fanboy spin.

As far as I can tell, in this past year the 360 has outsold the ps3 by several million.
Most rational people would agree with me, as do the 'official numbers'.

What creative spin have you applied AGAIN to convince yourself otherwise?

Anon19743760d ago

Do your research.

Calendar year 2007. PS3 outsold the 360 by over 1.5 million consoles.
7.3 million 360's versus 8.85 PS3's sold. That's posted right on each company's investor relations sites.
Calendar year 2008. 10.78 million PS3's sold versus 10.8 million 360's.
First six months of 2009. 2.71 million PS3's versus 2.9 million 360's.

Where the difference comes in is the 5.9 million the 360 sold in it's first year on it's own and then that very first Christmas in 2006 when the PS3 first launched in NA and Japan, the PS3 sold 1.68 million and the 360 sold 4.4 million. That's the difference you see in the overall ship figures right there. Since the winter of 2006 the PS3 has been giving the 360 a run for it's money and has been chipping away at it's lead. Since the start of 2007 the PS3 has matched the 360 and outsold it.

From the start of 2007 to the middle of 2009 the PS3 has sold 22.34 million consoles to the 360's 21 million. Look it up and do the math yourself. You'll see I'm right.

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3760d ago
Boody-Bandit3760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )

That PS3 announcement really has you uptight.
Seriously how mad you must be just to create a new account and get nearly every one of your nonsense spewing post deleted within minutes.

Hopefully a moderator will realize you're not worth the trouble and just ban this new account of yours permanently.

On topic:
This article is a waste of space. It is like asking if water is wet.

falcon3761d ago

I think it's going to make a really big difference.

Joni-Ice3761d ago

After the slim was announced.

sunil3761d ago

^^ What you said..

I figured it would be a couple of days after... but then what do I know

Nineball21123761d ago


The article is basically saying that it WILL make a difference.

LukaX233761d ago

ughh, here we go again with the fanboyism. why would it not?

jmare3760d ago

Maybe you should read the article. The article goes to various analysts and asks their opinions about the price cut. And guess what? They all had positive reactions saying that this will help Sony and the PS3.