Atlus USA Understandably Silent on Persona 3 PSP Announcement

Gaming Union writes: "The announcement of the PlayStation Portable port of Persona 3 in the latest Famitsu article has left many gamers outside Japan wondering if or when the North American arm of Atlus will announce the localization of the game, which will include among other extras a new female main character and improvements to the game mechanics, such as being able to control your party members in battle.

When Gaming Union asked Aram Jabbari, also known in the Atlus community as Atlus A.R.A.M. (short for "Atlus advertising, resources, and marketing"), he had this to say about Atlus's plans for localizing the game..."

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Kyll3762d ago

Yea, I'm not surprised, don't want to step on Persona PSP's toes so soon before it's even released.

Selyah3762d ago

Me either, but then again it will more than likely happen.

Kyll3762d ago

I just hope they don't wait tooooo long, I hate how long it takes for games to localize..

gwcommander3762d ago

im sure it will be localized, they want your money

Da One3762d ago

it's a when, not a will...............this is ATLUS people there shouldn't be a doubt in your head

[email protected]3762d ago

It going to happen soon or later :)

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