Five Questions About the PS3 Slim

Technologizer: I'm taking a page from Harry here, as I know he likes prodding on upcoming products when their makers intentionally ignore salient questions. With Sony finally revealing a 36 percent lighter, 33 percent smaller, 40 GB roomier and $100 cheaper Playstation 3 today, I'm left with a few queries of my own.

1. What will become of the Playstation 3 Big?
2. Will Sony send out more value comparisons?
3. What are we looking at for bundles?
4. Why hate on Linux?
5. The PSP Go is only $50 Cheaper?

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XXXRATED3767d ago (Edited 3767d ago )

pspgo is a luxury of the psps, Sony figures the ones who will spend 250.00 on it are the techies who will spend 300.00 on an iphone every yr so 250.00 is cheap.

Plus is I know sony Tgs 2009 will have some features for only psp go that will be specific