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TPG writes: "This game will teach you all about race relations between amoeba where apartheid has found it's way into the microbe-verse. Even though they probably bleed the same blood and look identical (one seems to have a better dental plan) they must not touch or drink from the same fountain. Aqua Globs is yet another entry in the now extremely popular "path-management" genre. However, there is a slight spin here as developer Qwiboo has added a "match and eliminate" angle to this tried and true premise. The game is played exclusively in the landscape orientation."

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bgrundman3764d ago

Ewwww... time management games suck

CrAppleton3764d ago

Yeah, I agree... I don't know why people even consider them to be real games.

Haly3764d ago

I quite like some of them but they do tend to get old very fast

Neco5123764d ago

It looks like an interesting idea that wasn't quite developed completely

wondroushippo3764d ago

Hm. Another path management game, but with destructive qualities? Sounds interesting.