GC 09: Slim PlayStation 3 Doesn't Play PS2 Games

The PlayStation 3 Slim doesn't play PS2 games. "Note: This product is not compatible with PlayStation 2 games," reads the release.

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kapedkrusader3769d ago

...I'm really happy about the price cut for some of my friends that still don't have and want a PS3. But as a current PS3 owner, I'm fairly disappointed that they didn't announce universal backwards compatibility with PS2 titles, in-game voice chat or an updated video store with a monthly fee, like Netflix on the 360.

LiquifiedArt3769d ago

...Normal PS3's dont Either, They will announce an update if that was the case.

Rockox3769d ago

I own a 360 and have been waiting for some really good reasons for me to buy a PS3. The big 3 on my list are: Price drop, more exclusive games I'm interested in (like Heavy Rain), and backwards-compatibility. I still have a bunch of PS2 and PS1 games sitting around my house and to not be able to play them on a brand-new console is a major drag.

I'll have to wait until Heavy Rain comes out and flattens us all with its awesomeness.

kapedkrusader3769d ago

...can you honestly say that BC wasn't anticipated? Have you forgotten of the patents Sony just recently filed for a PS2 emulator or the talk about PS2 games on the PlayStation Store. Please, as a current PS3 owner, these were the things that I was anticipating.

FunAndGun3769d ago

I don't get it, you have a bunch of PS2 and PS1 games laying around your house, but you don't have a PS2 system?

seriously, why is this such a demanded feature? I have played one PS2 game on my launch PS3 and that was GoW II....but I also still have my PS2. If everyone is so geeked to play PS2 games, then go buy a PS2 for $99 (or find it cheaper), you are obviously not ready for "next gen".

Rockox3769d ago

My PS2 crapped out on me a couple years ago and I haven't bothered to get a new one coz I figured I would eventually get a PS3 when the time was right. There's no way I'm ever selling my old Silent Hill, Resident Evil, or Fatal Frame games.

BC is a preferred feature for me simply because I'd like playing older games without having to dig out an old console from the basement in order to play them.

As for not being ready for "next gen", you may be right. I should probably worry about getting a half-way decent TV first...

morganfell3769d ago

That's it? That's the only attack you have? Too bad.

Baka-akaB3769d ago

Then you figured wrong .

Seriously i dont get , as a big ps2 player (thought mostly rpgs) how one stay without a ps2 "just hoping" it will be back again on ps3 .
It cost nothing be it used or new , and it's not like it ever played every ps2 games perfectly yet anyway .

Maybe someday it will happens , (imo most likely through reselling ps2 titles on store for ps3 owners ) but no reason to miss great ps2 games meanwhile

Narutone663769d ago

I hardly used it for PS2 games. But I still have my launched PS2 console with me which I sometimes play GT4. The PS3 will have PS2 BC later on through software emulation, but it might only come when Sony discontinue the PS2.

topdawg1223769d ago

In a future update people! It's coming don't worry, sony always satisfy their fans and im sure they've thought about this one

gamingisnotacrime3769d ago

Do u play GT4 with the GT Wheel, by Logitech?

That will plus the Wheel Stand Pro are the best combination for making GT the Real Driving Simulator. I have it and is 100% different experience than just the dualshock, and is PS2, PS3 compatible (USB)

RememberThe3573769d ago

I'm sure they're just waiting for the PS2 to leave the major markets ( They'll probably keep up production for a while for South America and Central Asian). Once they start to cut back on PS2 production we'll see this backward comparability returned. But it probably wont be on the table for about a year. So waiting for it would be pointless.

lordgodalming3769d ago (Edited 3769d ago )

Two of the three games you mentioned are PS1 games, which the PS3 still plays. As for the PS2 games, if you don't have the $100 to buy a new one, just dump the bios from your old one and you can legally play your PS2 games on a PC emulator. There's no reason or excuse to troll like you're doing in this topic.

Dread3769d ago (Edited 3769d ago )

its funny to read the posts of all the sony defenders who dismiss the importance of BC

i am going to laugh in a couple of years when the playstation 4 is not bc with the playstation 3.

defend sony all you want, but this lack of bc sucks. its bad for gamers.. specially gamers like me who collect and play old games all the time.

that said the slim looks sweet.



I dont know what i would do because i dont know what options Sony had. However, you assume and/or heard that Sony needed to cut the emulator and/or the emotion engine to cut costs. But perhaps the truth is that sony did that because the playstation 2 was making lots of money (something they probably did not expect. remember that the ps 1 did not make much money after the ps 2 came out). So they just said lets eliminate bc screw the gamer and make more that a possibility?


just because you do not use it does not mean that i dont like using it.

is BC something you rather not have included in your consoles?


im sorry i did not have $600.00 when the thing was released.

good for u.

ThanatosDMC3769d ago

Hehehe... my PS3 can play PS2 games.

PirateThom3769d ago

Of course the lack of backwards compatibility is bad for gamers, however, here's the problem - everyone wanted them to reduce the price of the PS3, so they had a choice, keep the PS2 hardware and take further losses or rework the hardware without the extra hardware and eventually make the console cheaper.

It's not like they didn't have backwards compatible PS3s or stopped them without warning, people demanded price cuts, 60 and 20GB PS3s were still in the channel, the software BC 80GB was in the channel until recently, what would you do?

ikkokucrisis3769d ago

I have the original 60GB PS3 and HARDLY play any of my PS2 games. Why? After playing at 720p+ graphics I may get a random urge to play one of my old PS2 games. So I'll fire it up, and be like, "oh this is nostalgic" and half an hour later I'll be irked with the graphics or bored with the gameplay aspects of a last-gen game and put it back onto my shelf of "oldy but goody" games and let it cure for another few years before I get that same urge to play it again...Seriously there are downloadable games on the PSN that are better than some of my PS2 classics.

UnwanteDreamz3769d ago (Edited 3769d ago )

LMAO I got a PS3 that plays PS2 titles. Played SOTC on it last week.

BC will come soon via firmware. If you didn't want to wait you should have bought a BC model when they were easy to get.

To be honest I am getting a slim regardless. I still have 2 PS2s in my house and the living room needs a PS3 for the family. The one in my room is off limits.

darthv723769d ago

they will releasae remastered ps2 games on psn. Doing it that way will make the titles be individually taylored to play instead of relying on a single fw to try and accomplish this. It also would let sony make $$ off the dlc rather than not get anything from the sale of second hand titles.

Each game will basically encompass its own patched emu to make it work on the ps3. Sorry to those wanting to just simply pop in your old school discs. This method is more specific and could lead to better performance for the re-release dlc.

All signs are pointing to this end result from what i can gather. I am sure there will be more info about sony games on demand at tgs (hopefully) or e3 next year.

Boody-Bandit3769d ago (Edited 3769d ago )

and the one and only time I used it was for God of War 2.
I have never used it since even though I own around 300+ PS2 and PS1 titles. My son still plays PS2 and 1 titles from time to time but he does it on one of the three PS2's we own.

Tsar4ever013768d ago

Hmmpph... Well that just too bad. I'm still hanging on my theory about ps2 BC coming back after the ps2 finishes it's life cycle.

And as of now this MAKES MY PS3 60Gb EVEN MORE VALUABLE!!! LOL!!!

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Venomish3769d ago

fanboys are effin retarded
xbox doesnt play ps2 games , so don't buy an xbox
and they are so stupid they wont even get the meaning of what i just said

dimitry213769d ago

tokyo game show is next

ColossiSlayer3769d ago (Edited 3769d ago )

I've put 2 PS2 games in my PS3. ICO & SOTC, other than BC is not a big deal & X Game chat is patented by MSoft. If you buy a PS3 with the right games you wont even think about BC. Ya'll act like you'll put a PS1 or PS2 game in a PS3 and all of a sudden it becomes a PS3 game. Nope its the same game from 5, 8, 10 years ago.
Play B3yond, not Behind....

Rockox3769d ago

Yes, but Sony should give users the option. I'd be far more willing to buy a PS3 if I knew I could play my older Sony games on it. I still played a bunch of PS1 games on my PS2, after all.

deshon093769d ago

well more like 6 but the year is not up yet there is still a chance for it tgs is not far off

Electricear3768d ago

play ps1 games on the ps3, as all versions of the ps3 have backward compatibility with the ps1. It's only ps2 games that are not available on all systems right now.

DonCorneo3769d ago (Edited 3769d ago )

why would you buy a ps3 to play ps2 games? are you as dumb as an xbot?

i can understand that you would need to buy a crapbox 3fixme to play your orignal crapbox games because a.) M$ already discontinued the original crapbox (after 4 years) and b.) because there are no games to play on the 3fixme (aside from some DLC).. LMAO!!!!

GCO Gamer3769d ago (Edited 3769d ago )

For someone who that worked a whole summer to get a PlayStation 3, and is getting the PlayStation Slim. I'll have to say that your not smart. Basically, your telling me that because I sold my PlayStation 2 for a PlayStation 3 - also putting in some of my summer money. It isn't cool to want BC with the newest PlayStation 3. Because if I want to play PS2 games, I should just buy another PlayStation 2. Really, smart statement.

WenisWagon3769d ago

In other words, its useless. Just like it's big, fat brother.

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