Easternmind: Katamari Damacy Tribute Demo Impressions

Easternmind presents a gameplay video of the Katamari Damacy Tribute Demo and some impressions on this upcoming Namco Bandai title scheduled for release in September outside Japan.

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cranium3769d ago

I've never played a Katamari game. After playing Noby Noby Boy, I hope to start with Katamari Forever. Does anyone know if this will be a retail or downloadable release?

helenaolin3769d ago

Wasn't there another Katamari released for the PS3? Or was it the xbox?

I played the PSP version and I enjoyed it quite a lot. Still have to find the PS2 version though... this new tribute seems delicious. Toon shading never looked better.

mackfeck3753d ago

its in the jap store free, appears to be a large demo or first part of full game. 568 MB. only had quick go. looks good. only crated account for zebra theme too. must be my lucky day, as i loved katamari on ps2. worth creating a jap account for. vids on youtube show how to. only took me 10 minutes