9.0 Review of Fat Princess

Not much to say here, besides the fact that Hamsterfist takes his unique view of Fat Princess and offers a quick review.

"Is Fat Princess as reason to buy a PS3? No, it's not. But it sure makes owning one a great experience and just bolsters the quality of games that PSN is offering players. For $15 dollars it is hard to beat Fat Princess, the only other game to offer such a value is the similar priced Battlefield 1943."

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Nitrowolf23761d ago

that picture is disturbing

hamsterfist3761d ago

It's a Fat Princess.... LOL

cyberwaffles3761d ago

if she lost some weight, she might even move herself up to a paperbag. until then, yeah she's disturbing.

on topic, i'm really on the fence on buying this game. i hear good and i hear bad. i see good and i see bad. i really don't want a cluster**** kind of game and it looks like fat princess has a lot of chaotic mosh pits all the time. is this game worth buying?