PS3 Slim: Packshot revealed revealed the packshot of the new PS3 Slim

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saint_john_paul_ii3768d ago

there you guys, confirms all those leaked pics, that cease and desist letter is all real.

Trollimite3768d ago

this is awesome! are those card readers in the front? and it looks like it might have an external power brick!

SIX3768d ago

Initial leaks where legit. I'm sorry, but the package art is so ugly.

Maikrobi3768d ago

Price cut is the right step Sony! I wait for holidays to buy one...

sabestar3768d ago

Unbelievable, man our industry is definitely the best in its field when it comes to leaks. The photos we saw a few MONTHS back are very similar to those. I was sure they were fake back then.
Bravo, Sony, what more can I say?
I am very happy to see they responded to everyone saying their console was the worst (although it is undeniably the best,IMO)

SOSmember3768d ago

Where is the HDD bay, can we still upgrade the HDD under warranty?