Does The PS3 Price Cut Make The PSP Go Look Like A Poor Value?

G4TV: The announcement of the PlayStation 3 Slim coming in at $299 has delighted gamers around the world. Those holding off on purchasing a PS3 have 100 reasons to do so. At $299, there's no questioning the PS3's value -- it's a great gaming system and a wonderful Blu-ray player. Although $299 is still a lot of money, it's simply a much more palatable price point for many people. Sony, its investors, and gamers have a lot to be happy about.

Minutes after Sony's GamesCom 2009 press conference, I started thinking about the $249 PSP Go. While I was planning to get one so that I don't go on a killing spree after listening to that annoying UMD drive on my PSP-2000, it seems like such a poor value compared to the PS3.

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Nitrowolf23769d ago

That looks like an issue for me.
PS3 299.99
psp go 249.99
only 50 dollar in difference.

wiggles3769d ago

Now especially there is no way the GO can have a justified $250 price tag...yeah it's sleek and sexy....but for $50 I can get a PS3 with tons of high quality visuals....I mean I already have a PS3...but if I wanted a PSP I just can't look at the GO when the PS3 is only $50 more, it doesn't make any sense to pay that little to get soo much less.

nycredude3769d ago

Yeah sure. Slim or not good luck trying to carry that Ps3 around in your pocket!

Do you think the ipod or iphone would be so popular and sell that much if they were the size of the Ps3 or the slim? How do you compare a "home" console with a "mobile" device. Apple and oranges if you ask me but hey what is Ps3 new without negative ones right?

I was wondering how long it would take...

Nineball21123769d ago

I'm not sure they are comparable really.

I mean, I can understand this now makes the PSP Go look even that much more expensive... but still.

DonCorneo3769d ago

where is that question? LMAO.. but i agree, pspGo should be under $200..

SoapShoes3769d ago

Does a $399 PS3 make a 16 gig iTouch look like a poor value? Do desktops make laptops look like a poor value? They are two different types of devices, but I wouldn't expect any less from journalism with Sony.

SIX3769d ago

But PSP go = Niche market
PS3 = mass market

Nineball21123769d ago


Yeah, that's what I was getting at above. Two different types of gamers... two different gaming needs...

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