Full List of Sony's Announcements at Gamescom '09

Koku Gamer writes: "We've went through everything and made a list of what Sony announced at this year's gamescom in Cologne, Germany. Enjoy!"

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Funqy3766d ago

God of War III looked great, but what excited me the most is that Hannah Montana PSP. :P

Jokes aside, good stuff.

Ziriux3766d ago

Oh yea my most anticipated game this year baby Hannah Montana.

A HiFi3766d ago

Lol...could be the sleeper hit of the year?

randomwiz3766d ago

what excited me the most is the new psn and xmb design.

Slim and price cut didn't surprise me at all... i wonder why

xztence3766d ago

Sony went all-out.
so many things announced.

deadreckoning6663766d ago (Edited 3766d ago )

360 Elite offers 160GB for(soon to be announced) 300 bucks and is more popular than the pS3 at this point

PS3 Slim offers 80GB for 300 bucks and is not as popular as the 360

From what I see here, M$ still has the price advantage if this Elite going down to 300 bucks rumor is confirmed. They have the value advantage as well since a ps3 slim offers 80 gigs for 300 bucks and the elite will offer 160 gigs for 300 bucks. So in a sense, M$ is actually in a better position than before as far as value. Double the gigs for the same price. If u disagree, please tell me why in a pm or in this section. I know M$ hasnt confirmed anythg yet but if PS3 people can talk up the existence of a $300 ps3 weeks before it was even confirmed, why can't I assume that there will be a $300 Elite?

Edit: Whoever disagreed with me, can u tell me what about this is wrong?

Fullish3766d ago

I think everyone is excited for the montana.

duplissi3766d ago (Edited 3766d ago )

@ deadreckoning

the slim is 120 gigs, and has wifi and bluray which the xbox has neither and cant ever have bluray, and can you provide a link for the 160 elite?- not that i dont believe you but ill be a little pissed seeing as i just bought mine recently

300= ps3 slim 120, free online, not closed when it comes to peripherals (hdd, headset, keyboard, etc.) reliable

400= xbox 360 120/160?, 100 wifi adapter 50/yr online no bluray, closed peripherals (ms only hdd, wireless headset etc.) unreliable
just sayin better value?

FamilyGuy3766d ago

What does this translate to in USD?

Shani3766d ago


I think that will be around $60 in US.


I agree with you. That is why I bought PS3 over XBOX360 even though 360 was cheaper.
Time to cheer up friends to buy PS3 Slim....when is it coming out??

And what is PSN Money he is talking about in the article??

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A HiFi3766d ago

Not a bad list of announcements. I don't own a PS3, but it seems to me that they're finally catching up on what Xbox Live has to offer...and at no charge.

Ziriux3766d ago

Yea, all the biggies are always announced at E3 as always.

A HiFi3766d ago

Yeah, but you are still expecting good announcements and we did get that. I don't know how Microsoft are going to compete. I am expecting some stage demos, but it seems like they have shown their whole hand for the year.

3766d ago
wicked3766d ago

Booch, Fuel of war has 50 players, I think you are being selective.

A HiFi3766d ago

Yeah...if you want to continue this further, then I suggest you jump to the Open Zone.

3766d ago
MiloGarret3766d ago

Why can't I ignore Bootch? The button doesn't appear, and I REALLY want to ignore this "person".

3766d ago
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DonCorneo3766d ago (Edited 3766d ago )

maybe they are saving the announcement for TGS 3 weeks from now.. still, there are playable GT5 booth over there, so it's still not bad

David Cage's keynote about Mature Games was awesome

A HiFi3766d ago

For a second, I read TGS was always going to be the place for it methinks. At least if you're in the UK, you'll get GT on the PSP after registering your PSPgo.

talltony3766d ago

Gt5 might be at the tokyo gameshow...I hope lol. Didnt they show off prologue at the tokyo gameshow?

A HiFi3766d ago

Yeah, I think they did.

StrboyM3766d ago

A ton of rumors, confirmed....I think Im gonna keep my fatty, the slim looks nice, but the fatty shines...go sony

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