PS3 Slim compared to original PS3 in pictures

Sony has unveiled the PS3 Slim at last.

On stage during Sony's conference at GamesCom in Cologne, Germany, Kaz Hirai finally unveiled their much rumoured PS3 Slim.

And here's a picture of the Slim, including some shots comparing its size to the original PlayStation 3.

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free3sixty3769d ago

Hell it uses 250 watts.. crazy.. how is that possible?

St03769d ago

What was the phat PS3, 350?

whoelse3769d ago

I prefer the look of the phat PS3, but this new model, AND the new price will entice a lot of people.

heroicjanitor3769d ago (Edited 3769d ago )

The colour is great

3769d ago
techie3769d ago

No...that's the power that it CAN take (Ie.. any more and it blows up) It doesn't mean it's using that much. The 250W means that it can be used in any country.

FamilyGuy3769d ago (Edited 3769d ago )

The power consumption has my interest as I already own a PS3 but this make me consider trading it in. Though my 80Gb MotorStorm bundle PS3 has more features so it's a hard call to make. I might just get a second one LOL

Imagine having a PS3 in the car/rv for road trips

masterg3769d ago

My launch PS3 60GB used 150w on average.
The next model cut it down to about 100w.
The 80GB model cut it down to about 80w.
Meaning the Slim should be a little over 50w.

For anyone who pays for their own electric bill or thinks about the environment. The Slim is a must.

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King20083769d ago

up close and personal. This could be a great gift for my boys for christmas.

p3rf3ctgam3r3769d ago

I agree. My kids would love this.

kingboy3769d ago

CEO Jack Tretton shows off the new hardware in this video.

INehalemEXI3769d ago (Edited 3769d ago )

thx 4 the link :D

oh sh!t if you has electricity the triple is targeting you !

3769d ago
tripewire3769d ago

Motherf**ers just brought the rain

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The story is too old to be commented.