Official PS3 Slim screenshots

"Sony Computer Entertainment has announced at their press conference in the framework of the 09 officially Gamescom the new PlayStation 3-system. Kleiner und schlanker wird die neue PS3 CECH-2000 auch nur mehr 299 EUR kosten. Smaller and slimmer, the new PS3 CECH-2000 only 299 EUR more expensive."

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hay3768d ago

I may be different or something and as I love my PS3 i think slim version looks fugly.

joydestroy3768d ago (Edited 3768d ago )

i like the current model. it's classier and this looks more like a kids toy. i'll be picking up a second one next week before they're all gone.

Cold 20003768d ago (Edited 3768d ago )

Luckily I already have a PS3 cuz that one looks...ugly...

edit @ fishd: well...on that angle it dont look dat bad but I realy do think the current one looks prettier.

darthv723768d ago (Edited 3768d ago )

I was looking at the vid jack trenton has on the psblog and compared the two. The slim may be slimmer but it sure is longer as well? Maybe they had to stretch it out to internalize the power supply? or maybe it uses passive cooling and requires more space for heatsinks?

Cant wait til some site gets one and rips it open for all to see.

Edit: Having looked at screens from kotaku I can see the power connector has been changed from a grounded 3 prong to a polarized 2 prong type. I have seen that exact shape connector on the back of the original xbox. Funny as sony could have continued to use the one they used in both the ps1 and ps2 days. It is sort of squarish on one side and rounded on the other. My sony stereo and camcorder and psp power supply power cable all use the same one. great too as if I lose one I can use one from another sony device.

Aclay3768d ago

The PS3 Slim doesn't quite have the same sexiness that the current PS3 has, but I have my launch 60GB PS3, so I don't really have a big problem with how the Slim looks and I'm still getting myself a PS3 Slim regardless.

To sell the PS3 at $299 this early in it's lifecycle, Sony obviously had to take away some of the more expensive features like the Touch Sensitive Eject and Reset Button, but at least it still has a Slot Loading Disc Drive.

For people that haven't bought a PS3 yet and don't like the look of the PS3 Slim, just get one of the current bigger PS3's at $299, no big deal. Even though I paid a premium price, I'm still glad I got my PS3 when I did because I love the Original Design the most, and it has all of the Original Features.

Lucreto3768d ago

If you look at the picture there is a space under the BD drive that could be a place to put the HDD.

Neoraf3768d ago

WHY they didn't show us the POWERBRICK?

The power connector at the back of the slim has changed.
I want to see the powerbrick.

randomwiz3768d ago (Edited 3768d ago )

nice and small, but my 60gb still looks a lot sexier, and more shiny

Bnet3433768d ago

The original PS3 looks way sexier and shinier. I still love my shiny piano black PS3, sorry. Slim looks meh.

WelshGunner3768d ago

Tbh i much prefer the look of the normal Ps3.
This one also seems to be a bit wider and doesnt have the touch sensitive buttons anymore on the front, Eject/ Power On/Off

shawnsl653768d ago

I'm going to make a simple comparison.
Old PS3 = Toyota Supra
New PS3 Slim = Toyota Corolla

mint royale3768d ago

Your really not into your cars are you!

Sarcasm3768d ago

I don't get it, this is obviously targeted towards the new consumers. The biggest gripe was the price which is now $299.

HOWEVER, I do agree I still like my phat shiny PS3 better. And for $299, everybody's going to try to get one.

Trevorthenerd3768d ago guys find a console sexy? T_T anyways this is going to be the same price as a elite so its going to be better value to buy a slim

Highwayman3768d ago

I'll have to get one. The one I had was the gum metal grey MGS4 PS3. It died on me. So...I need a new one and the smaller size is good, plus 120GB for $299.99. Can't pass that up. I know I won't need any more space than that. Shame that there wasn't any news on GT5.

BWS19823768d ago (Edited 3768d ago )

would have bought one even before this one if they're weren't inherently inept at rudimentary mathematics, sad to say, and I'm not even talking about as far as just a games console, I'm talking about a piece of electronics, as I find it closer to a computer than consoles were 10 years ago, it can have Linux, stream media, and go on the internet with keyboard & mouse wirelessly for Godsakes, on top of playing next gen games off/online for free, PS1 games (and many played PS2 ones) and blu-rays out of the box, how is that not a bargain? No nickel and diming...but in regards to the new design, I'm glad I have my shiny MGS 4-bundled one (software emulation BC), I don't regret a dime of the $500 I put towards it a year ago. I just hope consumers finally look at $300 as a value and show even more support, because apparently all they do is look at the purchase price and not what it gets you.

pansenbaer3768d ago (Edited 3768d ago )


From the engaget site:

"Included in box: PlayStation 3 system × 1, Wireless Controller (DUALSHOCK 3) × 1, AC power cord × 1, AV cable × 1, USB cable × 1"

No mention of a power brick.

And anyone interested in dimensions:

Old PS3: Approximately 325mm (W) x 98mm (H) x 274mm (D) and 5kg
New PS3: Approximately 290mm (W) × 65mm (H) × 290mm (D) and 3.2kg

So from front to back, its 16mm longer


May buy one defnitley my dad has a 40GB PS3 and I may buy the Slim for PS3 exclusives like Killzone 2, Uncharted 2 etc. But I will still use my Xbox 360 more often since im trying to get a high gamerscore and Im not in mood to restart on the PS3.

raresquid3768d ago

The new ps3 looks good from the front but from top and side it just lookks way too deep, they probably should have increased the total height or used an external power block.
It would have been far nicer if it looked like:

pansenbaer3768d ago

Do you have any idea how long 16mm is? It's .629 inches...not even a whole inch deeper.

ia_studio3767d ago

those xbox 360 users who are buying this, also get some triggers for your controller your hands will feel more comfy

xplosneer3767d ago

Look at the IGN unboxing

"No external power supply." There is no brick.
Just so you know...

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Highwayman3768d ago

Yes, it's where the logos are. IGN confirmed it. You can see it in their unboxing video of the PS3 slim.

EDIT: That comment was meant for Jack Burton and the crowd below...

jack_burt0n3768d ago

how do we swap out the hdd?

St03768d ago

Good point. There must be away though

darthv723768d ago

maybe it doesnt. That would be a hard thing to grasp considering sony had been so vocal about changing the drive. Maybe they figured the percentage of users who actually did this are lower and therefore removed that option. New users may not be so inclined to swap out the hdd considering it is 120gb unlike the first gen being 20 and 60gb respectfully.

krisq3768d ago

Under the BD drive where all the logos are?

Willeonabe3768d ago

Looking at the hi-res shots from Kotaku, there seems to be a door on the bottom of the Slim that you can pop off with the screwdriver (like you do with the current PS3 on the side) and it might be a screw inthere and then the whole panel under the BD drive would pull out with the HD attached (the front panel probably attaches to HD cage)

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Kurisu3768d ago

Bad google translation...BAD! :D

Afreelunch3768d ago

what do you know, it looks just like the "ugly fake" everybody was so sure was never going to happen... hahaha

SoapShoes3768d ago

I Just thought it was ugly because the screens were bad. With crystal clear shots it looks pretty decent. Not spectacular but I don't find any system out now to be great looking.

Afreelunch3768d ago

I might get it just because the horrendous Spiderman font is gone.