Turning point. Sony delivers at Gamescon and what this could mean

This years Gamescon conference in Germany certainly created buzz regarding Sony's plans for the Playstation 3 console. Leading up to the event were months of rumors regarding price cuts, new console models, highly anticipated game releases, new bundles, new features, etc. Speculation reached a fevered pitch as orders for new PS3 parts escalated, orders for the 80GB PS3 were halted and Sony announced an extra long panel at this years Gamescon event. While a few new features such as support for Marvel Digital comics and a revamped Playstation store were welcome, consumers and industry experts were watching for word of a PS3 price cut. Thankfully, fans and potential customers were rewarded for their patience as Sony delivered the goods today. Here's a look at what we can expect and the potential impact on the PS3's rivals.

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Godmars2903764d ago

Gamers don't really count.

LordMarius3764d ago

Yes now its up to the marketing team

Anon19743764d ago

Sony will no doubt hit out with a new advertising campaign, but I think the best ads will be the price point itself. If you're looking at a flyer for your local BestBuy store, you see a hard drive less 360 for $200, a Wii for $250 and a fully equipped, Blu-Ray playing, 120 GB, free online, Divx playing PS3 for $299 - it's going to seriously make you stop and start thinking about best bang for your buck.

Seriously. Given the choice between a Wii and spending $50 more for a PS3 with BluRay player capabilities? How could any informed consumer pass up that deal?

Nineball21123764d ago


I agree with you Darkride... BUT look at your last sentence again: "How could any informed consumer pass up that deal?"

INFORMED is the key word. I don't have the greatest confidence in most of the non-gaming public (ie. Moms and Dads) to actually be "informed". LOL

But, yeah... it's a no brainer for anyone who knows anything about this stuff.

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