IGN: Wolfenstein Review

IGN writes: "With almost a decade between installments, it's impossible to argue that id is trying to milk the Wolfenstein license. Yet this also means that a lot of evolution has gone on in the genre. It's admirable that Raven Software recognized this with Wolfenstein, but you can't help but wish that they developed the kernel of the ideas in this game into something more. As it is, this new Wolfenstein comes off as an engaging, though otherwise forgettable, shooter".

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Blaze9293771d ago

Still not too bad. I'll at least give this a rent. Hope there will be a demo though

Christopher3771d ago

I actually expected around a 6 based on the videos and rampant advertising of the game. I might try this sometime way down the road, but the next six months are choking me with good games to come that I think will be more enjoyable than this game.

aGameDeveloper3771d ago

I don't understand why gamers feel they have to keep repeating this mantra over and over on these and other forums. I'm speaking in general terms, here - not targeting Blaze929, specifically (his comment was at the top of the list, is all).

I suppose gamers might be stating this as a means to goad the dev or pub into making nothing but games that live up to their standards (Modern Warfare clones, it seems). Or maybe they're trying to convince other gamers how cool they are in denying the devs and pubs any profit off their means of accessing the games (unlike movies, devs don't get royalties off rentals).

What I think you are actually doing is goading the devs and pubs into using or developing strategies that deny access to cheap or free games. In which case it's pretty shortsighted to advertise and encourage other gamers to emulate these practices, which will only speed up this eventuality.

Of course, there is nothing illegal about the first three practices. But there is also nothing illegal about devs noticing they are making nothing off them and figuring out ways to nullify, or at least recoup some money off them.

I'm just tired of reading these same tired comments over and over...

Montrealien3771d ago

the game is not bad at all, solid shooter.

Blow Out Your Brains3771d ago

Where's Montrealien??? This game is good yo he says, what a tool

Major_Tom3771d ago

How is 7.3 'bad' at all?

topdawg1223771d ago

This is the score i was expecting, looks like a solid title

Montrealien3771d ago

I am in the Gamerzone chump, and 7.3 is good, get with the program.

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3771d ago
StanLee3771d ago

Figured it would be mediocre. This is one of the first reviews of the game and it's being released today! I'll still rent the game but I'll save my money for Batman: Arkam Asylum and maybe buy Madden 10 since it seems to have been recieving great reviews.

M337ING3771d ago

I don't think this score is much of a surprise to anyone.

Rage will definitely destroy this.

ElementX3771d ago

Rage is id, Wolfenstein is Raven. It's not like the same company developed both games. What's the point of your comment?

M337ING3771d ago

That Rage will be a better game than Wolfenstein, barring a catastrophe.

I thought it was quite simple to understand my comment.

Baka-akaB3771d ago

I dont get the disagree neither ..

No raven game have been good enough compared to actual and real ID games .

Hell i aint happy when they touch quake . Instead of being yet again the ultimate deathmatch and skill based experience q2 and 3 have been , they instead bothered with sp while giving a so so multi experience . especially on a game engine not that many people could bother with , back then .

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The story is too old to be commented.