Mass Effect 2 'Just Months' After Dragon Age, New Character Revealed

If you've been yearning for a new BioWare RPG, pretty soon you might be overwhelmed with possibilities, as BioWare revealed at Electronic Arts' GamesCom press conference that Mass Effect 2 will be releasing "just a few months" after Dragon Age: Origins drops in early November. It's a slightly more specific release date than "early 2010," as EA has been previously telling everyone.

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RadientFlux3768d ago

awesome news, looks like my Game of the Year for 2010 will be released during the first part of the year.

GameOn3768d ago

Mine too. I have been waiting for this game fore a long time.

meepmoopmeep3768d ago

yup i want both.

ME2 more though
but DA:O looks like a lot of fun

Highwayman3768d ago

Awesome! I really liked the look of the Blood Dragon armor. Looks very cool.

farsided3768d ago

If you buy dragon age you get a special set of armor in Mass Effect.

Although it's looking like Wrex won't be returning as an ally (which has me pretty disapointed seeing as he was such a badass I wanted to make babies with him) I'm really excited about this new "Grunt" character because every team needs a total hothead Krogan! (I hope he's a Vanguard)

Woot for improved stripper animations!!! This game looks absolutely fantastic!

GameOn3768d ago

Dude, that's seriously gross. Especially when you know Wrex can't have kids.

GUNS N SWORDS3768d ago (Edited 3768d ago )

"(which has me pretty disapointed seeing as he was such a badass I wanted to make babies with him)"

wow, he must have made a real impression for you to think like that, unless you already made a female character in the game.

mass effect2 my goty!!

TheColbertinator3768d ago

Sick dude.Krogans have like 8 testicles :P

farsided3768d ago

for my second playthrough, quit putting a guilt trip on me! He was still a total badass!!!

kwicksandz3768d ago

Wrex in my savegame survived to the endgame, and dab nabbit he will surivive in ME2. but ill recruit this new guy too cause krogans = FTW. Beat it garrus, wrex and grunt got my back!

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Nihilism3768d ago

oww man, i know there are a million good games coming out soon, but i'm psyched for this the most

topdawg1223768d ago

I want this on ps3, since my 360 broke, damn

shutupandplay3768d ago

From what I`ve seen, either Mass Effect 2 or Alan Wake for GOTY.

TheColbertinator3768d ago

Mass Effect 2 clearly will win.Anyone that says otherwise is a Communist :)

Saaking3768d ago

haha yea right, Last Guardian, God of War III, Modnation Racers, and Heavy Rain are all GOTY quality games. Don't be foolish bot.

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