TGH - G.I. Joe: Rise Of Cobra Review

TGH writes:
"Beyond the gameplay, the single most frustrating part of "G.I. Joe" is the camera, which is locked behind the players at all times. Sure, it definitely makes the game feel a lot like the "G.I. Joe" arcade game from 1992, but that game was made in 1992. Back then they didn't have the option to provide a 3D camera in a fully rendered environment. There were points in "Rise of Cobra" where neither I, nor the enemy that I was firing at were on screen leaving me completely lost, confused, and pretty much hung out to dry. A fix for the camera could have created an entirely different game.

While a lot of gamers will have some problems with the gameplay, there are a few redeeming factors for the game. Even with the movie tie-in, there is an overwhelming sense of nostalgia, especially when playing with the original outfits for Duke and Scarlett (but where were the rest), or watching the unlockable..."

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