Sony's GC Press Event: PSN's made $280 million


"The Sony press event is live at GamesCom and president Andrew House just said that PSN has made $280 million since launch."

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Sunny_D3765d ago

LOL! And They said that Sony loses money for hosting free servers for their games! What were you saying now! :)

darthv723765d ago

I know they get $$ from companies wanting them to host their dlc and demos. Plus you got all the psn games and home stuff.

Losing $$ on game servers...hadnt heard that one.

heroicjanitor3765d ago

But MS have probably made that in the past few months from subscriptions.

lokiroo4203765d ago

Not a big fan of math eh?

heroicjanitor3765d ago

50$ per year with over 10 million subscribers(probably nearer 12 or 13 million not sure of the exact number). If we pretend there are only 10 million subscribers @ $50 each = $500 million per year, = $280million over 6.72 months.

lokiroo4203765d ago

So past few months is now nearly seven months, and who buys a live subscription for $50, fail.

heroicjanitor3765d ago

It's so funny to see people trying so hard XD

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Salvadore3765d ago

PSN has come a far way, hope this progress continues.

Boty3765d ago

...Sony is losing money on the PS3 when their making money off from the Free network that is offered on the console.

They say that they lost ~$200 million on the ps3. If you were to add the money that their making off from the PS2 and PSN. Then they do end up with a decent Profit. Oh, and don't forget the PSP sales. Overall it balances out for them.