IGN GC 2009: Heavy Rain Dev on Mature Games

IGN writes: " One of the most intriguing PlayStation 3 titles on the horizon is Heavy Rain from development studio Quantic Dream. The company, led by founder and CEO David Cage, has made a name for itself by telling genre-pushing adventures and Heavy Rain, with its ultra-realistic graphics and deep storyline, might just take everything to the next level. At the European Game Developers Conference 2009 in Cologne, Germany, Cage philosophized about creating narrative for so-called mature games, explained the challenges that lay ahead and the benefits in store for players.

"I won't reveal anything about Heavy Rain -- I'm sorry about that, I can't," Cage began his keynote speech. The 40-year-old designer, who has operated the 100-person France-based Quantic Dream for about 12 years, said that during the development of Heavy Rain the team expanded to about 200 people with help from outside sources around the world."

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wiggles3765d ago

What a truly amazing speech by David Cage, I loved Indigo Prophecy, and I can't wait for Heavy Rain. I loved how everything he said is 100% true...I personally can't wait to see what he brings to the table in 2010.