GTHD: Nissan Xanavi Nismo 2 Trailer HD

Check out the sleek look of the new Nismo as it hugs the turns and speeds through the straightaways with ease in Gran Turismo HD.

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techie5123d ago

WOw. It's such an insult to call this game "just a demo". It's one of the most visually spectacular racing game now...yes it's one car on the track...but still. Oh and the best lighting ever.

MaximusPrime5123d ago

I agree with Deep, it sure is a spectacular racing game and yea lighting and reflection have improved.

Every since Gran Turismo 1, it has improved and remains a number one game for "true racing simulator"

JOLLY15122d ago

This is not a racing simulator at all. The developers don't think this game is a racing simulator. They say it is a driving simulator. So saying it's the best racing sim ever doesn't even make sense. That's like saying that Halo is the best action game ever!!! It has action but it's a fps!

Bathyj5122d ago (Edited 5122d ago )

GT is my favourite DRIVING sim. Nothing else to me feels quite as real as the real thing. The timing of your braking into a corner, making the correct gear changes (using manual is essential) and then powering out of the corner is what its all about. So IMO its the best driving game around and alway has been.

But I wouldn't call in the best RACING game, by a long shot. I AI pretty much just stays on the line, the collision physics aren't even as good as Destruction Derby on PSOne and really the other cars are only there to make sure you keep a reasonable pace up. You're more racing against yourself in GT but the Driving is still so sweet. I'd probably give best RACING game to the latest in the TOCA series, (V8 Supercars in Australia) Great, tight, pack racing.

Gamer135123d ago

Forza 2 looks better and got alot more.

IM OUT...///"""

eques judicii5122d ago

forza will not look better...

although there are some definite graphical bugs that you can see in this footage (when the car passes behind peoples heads they turn white) GTHD is dedicating a lot of the ps3's power to graphics while forza dedicates the power to physics. This generates two different games. One is a true graphical presentation, that is created for people who want to simply look at the cars. Forza is built to simulate the actual driving and how the car works (3 months dedicated strictly to programing the physics behind the tires) While it won't be as pretty as GTHD it will run smoothly (locked 60 fps with 2xFSAA) with 360 fps physics calcuations... this will mean that the driving will be next to reality.

Forza will also beat out GT in customization, so that cars will at first look about as good as GT (although the environments won't be nearly as good) but with 4000 layers of decals and parts, the cars in forza will become their own entity...

GT, in my mind, will have the graphical prowess that everyone expects (or even more) while forza will have the physics

hopefully, pgr4 will give GTHD a run for its money though in graphics (since that's all those guys at bizarre seem to work on for pgr now)

gapzi11a5122d ago (Edited 5122d ago )

GTHD = most realistic graphics

Forza 2 = most realistic physics

kingofps35122d ago

Gamer13, you should compare screenshots between GTHD and Forza 2. You will find a significant difference. Hey, at least, you get to see unbelievably beautiful GTHD screenshots :)

surferace225122d ago

FORZA2 WHAT, never heard of it my nismo 350z was a bit too loud, sorry man forza just can't quite be on par with gt5.

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Gamer135122d ago


Forza 2 with bad quality stream version and still look better than GT HD.

IM OUT...///"""

techie5122d ago

did you seriously just post an old demo of GTHD...on a page that has the up to date GTHD video...dude you're crazy.

Sorry...not digging it. Me and a whole load of people, including a huge corner of the developer community still think that as of now...this "demo" called GTHD looks better than any racing game on the market, now.

I still can't believe you just posted that early demo of hasn't even got the full lighting system in, or a fully rendered car. That was low...when you're posting on a video post of the game already.

XxZxX5122d ago

Let me guess, you must be 13 to do this. Are you stupid or something, it's so easy to see ur lie. Why? All we have to do is look at the video on this link and look at the crap video you try to show us? Come on dude, you have to do better this.

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The story is too old to be commented.