Xbox 360 Elite reaches No. 4 after Amazon restock

Microsoft Corp.'s Xbox 360 Elite on Thurs. reached the No. 4 position at's Computer & Video Games after a restock catapulted the product back to the top ten sales...

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FirstknighT4277d ago

Selling out! That's right! The lead on the next gen race expands further and further. Better step up your game ps3 cuz your bricking shots like Dirk Nowitski.

NextGen24Gamer4277d ago

You have to commend Microsoft this next generation. And I can see why it pisses of Sony Only fans....I mean....The Premium 360 is dominating the next gen market in total sales. Then they revitalize the Microsoft Console by releasing the Elite. Even without the Elite the premium 360 is selling currently twice as many units as the "NEW" ps3 console. While second to Nintedno in the USA since the Wii just recently launching....The Elite is selling out when re stocked and the already dominating sales...Increases due to the Elite.

No one has to buy the Elite. But people are buying it and its selling out. This after a year and some months ago the 360 launched. WOW. Kudos to Microsoft. And the news of the Elite only angers Sony fans...Why? Because they choose "ONE" console...and it just so happens the console they "chose" isn't selling too well and the games thus far have been sub par to the 360's lineup of games released.

Many sony fans have bashed MS and the 360 for so long that they can't find it within themselves to admit that MS has done a masterful job this time. When you do so your not admitting are just acknowledging the success of the Microsoft Console this time around. Its ok. I enjoy the heck out of my Elite. I prefer the white premium look...but I prefer the hdmi out and bigger hard drive of the Elite. It works for me and my set up at home.

Now with all that said....I enjoy the heck out of my ps3 for the extensive blu ray collection I own. I have been let down in regards to the games thusfar....If blu ray movies fail and HD dvd's are the next gen format of choice due to what Walmart is planning for later this year....I will be a tad more upset with my ps3 purchase. I'm just patiently waiting for a "GAME". A true next gen game that takes advantage of the ps3's special architecture. I'm tired of hearing....

Resistance is the game...No no no...F1 is the no no no...Motorstorm is the no no no um.... Lair is the game....

I will not buy into that nonsense anymore as a Ps3 owner. I will buy the games because its my hobby...but I play the wait and see approach in regards to the ps3.

On the other hand...My 360 has just been over delivering over and over again....and I refuse to hide how happy I am with the purchases....Microsoft has done a great job. And who does that bother? Not gamers....Gamers are buying games at a record rate. Only fanboys of "ONE" console, are upset over what MS is doing this next gen.

jboogie814277d ago

It's your friggin money, buy what you want. Lair for example, is getting some hype right now.. but guess what.. I played some games on my PS2 called Drakenguard; Lair and Drakenguard look like they're in the same ball park. The physics thing they keep bragging about, don't mean much to me. I could do almost all the same stuff they did in the Lair Demo on Drakenguard. 3d fights in the air, then soar down and blast hundreds of mindless enemies that all die in the same manner and same animation. So is the hype going to convince me? Not at all.

kewlkat0074277d ago

I'm sick of talking about the Elite, looking good for sales, I guess.

donscrillinger4277d ago

i was happy with my p360 now that i have an elite .every game i have looks twice as good now on hdmi.fasho if you have an hdtv with hdmi get the elite its the only way to go

techie4277d ago

I thought hdmi didn't matter? But now games look twice as good with HDMI?

kewlkat0074277d ago

matters to only the ones that can take advantage of the small difference in quality. I wouldn't say get an Elite just for HDMI, unless you have a 60 inch screen and watch a lot of movies. Component looks great, nevertheless, you'll see that it's not the same case with every Xbox fans.
It's like saying if and when Sony does release an 80 gig HDD, and I saying, thought 60 gig was enough? and I'm sure they will, if you wanna start downloading and saving movies and sh!t. I could care less, consoles evolve ever so slightly during their life cycles. You surprise me for somebody that does own a PS3.

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