Xbox 360 'spring update' available Monday

Bank holiday Monday sees the release of Microsoft's free 'spring update' for the Xbox 360, bringing with it a host of tweaks and improvements to the system...

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Brian3604189d ago

is not mentioned,is it still included??

Caxtus7504189d ago

im sure i heard it wasn't supported on Major Nelson but that nay have been divX

gta_cb4188d ago

it better be! lol

the only thing i HATE about the video side of the Xbox 360 is that it doesnt habe AVI support, the funny thing is, my camcorder can record in .avi yet when i tried to burn my little brothers birthday to a disc (decoding it) it said it was an illegal file lol! anyway i REALLY want my 360 to be able to play .avi files as i have alot of them ;)

kewlkat0074189d ago


Now I can stream most of my movies, which is my favorite part of this update.

sak5004189d ago

You could do anyway stream almost all formats using orb or tversity. I am streaming most of the vid formats from xvid to mkv to avi to mp4 using orb. But would be good to burn these movies to a dvd-rs and play directly from the drive as you'll get more control over the playback.

CompGeek4189d ago

Yea, I want to know when I can buy the keyboard too.

zonetrooper54189d ago

I think MS said that the keyboard should be out in the Summer time. Not sure on a date though but i can't wait for the Spring Update, i wanna see how MSN Live Messenger is gonna work.

Leathersoup4189d ago

My friend is a manager at EB Games and there isn't even a SKU for it yet...

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The story is too old to be commented.