Gamestyle: Wii Sports Resort Review

Gamestyle writes: "Wii Sports Resort is a fantastic showpiece for MotionPlus, and the one thing that Gamestyle takes away from its time with the game is the possibility of what it could lead to. The archery and swordplay makes Gamestyle drool at what the next Zelda game has in store. The power cruising is already half-way to becoming the next Wave Race, and the flying sections lead you to believe that a new and exciting Pilot Wings is on the horizon. Gamestyle remembers having these thoughts when the Wii was first released, however, and no matter how much fun it is, this just emphasises the fact that Wii Sports Resort is indeed a glorified tech demo. It does offer more entertainment than its predecessor, and if you enjoyed Wii Sports and aren't put off by the price, Gamestyle suggests you make the trip to the Resort".

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