EA labels Activision 'huge and ugly monster'

Electronic Arts has likened rival publisher Activision to a particularly huge and ugly monster" over the Brutal Legend publishing row.

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3770d ago
JL3770d ago (Edited 3770d ago )

I agree wholeheartedly that Activision sucks and are evil. And I will even give EA credit cause they've really seemed to turn things around lately and gotten past their "monster" ways. It's funny, however, that it's EA that finally comes out to speak out against Activision.

If we're lucky maybe EA can give Activision some pointers on how bad being the "huge and ugly monster" can be for them and show them how they made the turn around for Activision to follow suit.

Pennywise3770d ago

Hi pot, I'm kettle.

I am just glad EA is trying to get their act together.

Socomer 19793770d ago

I hope EA destroys Activision.


prunchess3770d ago

EA if you want to give Activision a bloody nose then start a games price war with them. That'd kick them in the 'nads!

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