Teenager Beats Baby To Death With Joypad

AllAboutTheGames writes:

"A Tomball (Texas) teenager has been arrested on suspicion of causing death to a 23-month old baby by hitting it on the head with a video-game remote control.

17 year old Ethan Wolfe was arrested in connection with the death of infant Julie Maus. Det. Ron McGuillion investigating, reported that Wolfe was babysitting Maus while playing a 'war-style video game'. Upon losing a game, it is alleged that Wolfe became angry and frustrated and woke the baby up. The baby's incessant screaming then caused him to strike it over the head with a 'wireless remote control' and throw it on the bed causing it to bounce and hit its head on the headboard."

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Timesplitter143765d ago

Seriously, what the fuk is that?

CadDad3765d ago

Way to give me sadface today.


RememberThe3573765d ago

You have to be pretty f*cked in the head to beat a baby. I hope he gets what coming to him.

Timesplitter143765d ago

One of my older cousins just got a baby, and I'm almost scared to just walk near it, because it looks so fragile.

You've got to be totally sick to do this

heroicjanitor3765d ago

I fear the world is just getting worse and worse, and it doesn't look like there is any way to stop it. Recently a guy raped an 8 month old baby, and I'm sure there are people just trying to find a new low.

solar3765d ago

kids who act out like this are mentally unstable without video games, movies, etc.

Look_Behind3764d ago

The effect of COD4 on a 17 year old boy. Its like a drugg.
Although it might not be COD4 but "war game" sort of is.

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Nitrowolf23765d ago

wow what a fckn retarted. beating a baby? come one that just sad.
this guy deserves life

Hellsvacancy3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

This guy deserves 2get tortured then murdered himself - sick mofo

saggyscrote3765d ago

Death too easy for him.
I'd lock him up 4 life, then let the other prisoners que up to give him a good kicking when they need to let off some steam. Hell i'll even join them !

Pennywise3765d ago

Death Penalty is made for cases like this.

Max Power3765d ago

he lives in Texas, and they love sending people to their deaths.

rhood0223765d ago

Heck, we kill women and mentally ill people in Texas.

Putting a teenager on death row wouldn't even cause the state media outlets to flinch.

Quadrix3765d ago

I imagine life in prison is more painful than the death penalty, which is why I think life in prison is a better sentence for this kid. Perhaps the other inmates will have their way with this kid, and make him wish he had received the death penalty.

Saaking3765d ago

I guess someone disagrees with you guys. This is ridiculous, people like this should be put in jail for the rest of their life. The teenager knew what he was doing.

Vespertine3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

I agree, why are there so many effed up people in this world?

Poor baby.

SKUD3765d ago

I have to disagree with putting them in jail for life. These people should be killed and have NO BUSINIESS living. The gov, needs to stop wasting TAX dollars on keeping these people alive.

Xwow20083765d ago

i hate when i hear that a baby got killed :((

cyclindk3765d ago

You mean Julie Maus, who will never have a chance at life now?

That who you mean?

Vespertine3765d ago

Yeah same here. It's terrible.

SuperStrokey11233765d ago

This is the worst thing i have read today, im absolutely sad right now. A child should never have to endure something like this...

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The story is too old to be commented.