LBP Gets Soaking New Feature

PlayStation LifeStyle:
"Ever felt like something was missing from LittleBigPlanet? If you've ever played through user-created levels with undersea sections, you're not alone. The folks at Media Molecule have listened to our outcries and decided to add a soaking new feature, water!"

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blackpanther253768d ago

after how long. Man this is gonna add a whole new bunch of levels. I'm hoping someone does the water bomb level from TMNT on the nes

StalkingSilence3768d ago

THIS is what I was waiting for. Something to add replay value. Hopefully they'll discuss the in-game commerce system or new trophies along with this.

wollie3768d ago

Good God!

Mm are the best.

DJ3768d ago

It's something that's been sorely missing from the game. =]

Sniper4303768d ago

Sounds great and all but, sorry for being a realist ;P, won't this cause levels to overheat wayyyyy faster?

Marty83703768d ago

Other liquids should be added also, goo like in Ratchet & Clank. That would be cool.