Sony Says "Watch this Space" at Gamescom

Kotaku writes..... Sony's potentially news-heavy press conference kicks off live here in Cologne at 10:30. a.m.

We'll be there live blogging it from the floor so make sure to check on Kotaku to follow along. In the meantime check out pics of some of the ads plastering the E Werk including one mammoth tease.

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They need to partner with apple

Cwalat3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

Live Blog:

Best place for info and updates IMO.

OMG, 3.0 is for real!!!

Bubble Buddy3764d ago

Dun Dun Dun, can't wait, :D

ThanatosDMC3764d ago

eF apple! They'll price gouge everything. Mac books are over priced hardware.

I want zombies or something creepy as my animated theme... or something nice like Vista Ultimate's moving grass thing... dream something... i forgot what they're called.

-Mezzo-3764d ago

I am sure a PS3 SLIM announcement is coming.

sam22363764d ago

I hope they say something about PS2 BC.

Ninjamonkey3764d ago

Kokatu is doing a really good blog coverage

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