Cologne 2009: Dante's Inferno dated

EA's Dante's Inferno will launch Febuary 9th 2010 in the US and Febuary 12th 2010 in the EU, a similar timeframe to the provisional date for it's rival God of War III which launches March 2010.

EA showcased the 6th circle of Hell at GC and a new 'Richeousness' feature, where you can choose to either absolve or punish the souls you find as you descend through Hell.

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Dipso3768d ago

The game looks pretty good but it certainly needs that head start to contend with GOW 3.

Cwalat3768d ago

Agreed, i don't know if i'll buy this game when it's so close to GOW3 release.

himdeel3768d ago (Edited 3768d ago )

...HAD to drop before GOW3. It's difficult to say whether or not I'd even try this game though. The spring 2010 will be slathered in so many games I'd be okay to miss a few if I don't purchase or play them on or near their release date.

Makes me a little sad...but I'll get over it in about 2 minutes.

blackpanther253768d ago

no lie this looks hot(pun intended) but it's too close to GOW III for ps3 fans. I will most likely get one of my friends to buy it for the 360 and borrow it for me.

Im just too deep inside the story of GOW to switch to Dante's inferno

RockmanII73767d ago

Should be interesting to see what happens