StarCraft II Heroes Step Forward

IncGamers' StarCraft channel has delved further into the topic of StarCraft II's hero/mercenary NPCs, and their predecessors in all of Blizzards older RTS games.

What in the original WarCraft ended up as a game based on heroes is a whole different game mode in the latest RTS by Blizzard.

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thetamer3767d ago

So much starcraft stuff

Leord3767d ago

Lol, the SC2 was on 11th most hot PC game here on N4G before this Monday.

Now it's 7th hottest, up 2000 degrees!

King Klear3767d ago

Hopefully we'll get even more material after Blizzcon

Leord3767d ago

We'll see how much it jumps up then, as it will have to compete with WoW and Diablo III as well :)

Cogo3767d ago

What's the significance of the N4G list anyway?

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Medievaldragon3767d ago

Really like that you can play as different characters, and you get to see characters from the books and manga too.

moondragon3767d ago

Wery wery intresting piece of material here.

Leord3767d ago

I think the new Mercs will be quite cool!

Gives the "Merc Haven" a proper use as well!

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