Cologne 2009: Battlefield Bad Company 2 dated

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 will launch March 5th in Europe and in America on March 2nd 2010.

Squad play is a key feature of the series. "Bad Company 2 will encourage players to work as a four-person team to achieve a common goal" whilst Bad Company 2 will have what DICE call Destruction 2.0, basically blowing out small holes will allow snipers to make their own vantage points in the maps, allowing for unique attacks on the enemy.

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Unbiased13770d ago

that trailer looked like first trailer of mag, same concept if you know what i mean...

mrv3213770d ago

This is great... ok I suppose we are missing a FPS in '09 but this means DICE can make 1943 dlc without competing with BC2. I can wait for a D-DAY map, bombers, artillery, new game modes.

JeffGUNZ3770d ago

Yeah, but Modern Warfare 2 is coming out on 11/10/09, that should hold you over!

mrv3213770d ago

Not really since it'll be too much like COD 4.

JeffGUNZ3770d ago

The game is a direct sequel, so it should play pretty much the same. From the little we have seen it looks like they added a bunch of new features. I hope there will be some more multiplayer videos released this week at gaemscom. I think it's a little too early to make that assumption, especially since we only saw about a minute and a half of multiplayer, which was all mixed and didn't show too much specifics.

Ron Zook3770d ago

6 months?!?! i cant wait that long! hopefuly voice chat will work...