Google users more loyal than Bing and Yahoo users

Not only do Google users conduct more searches a month compared to those who use Yahoo and Microsoft, but they are also more loyal, according to a new report by ComScore with US-only data. The analysis examined the use of the various alternative search engines by users of the three search engines, revealing that those who searched on Google had the highest loyalty rate, with the majority of all their searches occurring on Google Sites. Users of Yahoo and Microsoft sites still conducted a higher percentage of their searches on Google sites.

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Masamori Sumimura3770d ago

I dont get why I'm a Yahoo guy.
Ever since primary School I've been more into yahoo than google , even though I use both.

ElementX3770d ago

I really enjoy using Bing. I love the changing backgrounds with links to information about each picture. Some of them are spectacular pics

Nihilism3770d ago

i used to use alta vista ( probably not even around anymore) but i've ben a googler for bout 10yrs now