120° predicts Seven MGS4 plot twists they see coming

so Hideo Kojima disappointed us all in the recent GDC when he didn't say or show anything new about the upcoming biggie - Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots for the Sony PlayStation 3. One of the selling points of the respected franchise is its riveting storyline, so the guys at decided to dwell on that.
The MGS story is tough to predict and even if you analyze the information given, Kojima and company still find ways to keep you dumbfounded. Throwing logic out of the window, here now is's completely shallow and totally un-analyzed Seven MGS4 plot twists that they see coming:

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Frulond4277d ago

I'm a fan of the series can't wait for this one. They should at least release a new teaser :)

sumfood4u4277d ago

I'm looking forwards to this game, Here's some Food 4 Thought! It's funny how Mario came before Solid Snake in MG nes, & snake looks way older! Okay back 2 business i hope a Ninja is a playable character as well!

Ps3ShellShock4277d ago

ahhh some of those predications are weak.

raiden will own in this game simply because his a ninja - and the ninja in part 1 & 2 simply kicked a$$!

it would be cool for the MGS4 to end that snake needs to go dark and take on his own ppl as they some how screw him over...all i know is that if this is going to be the final game in the series its gonna be one crazy game

X4277d ago

Some of the theories are very interesting. If I had to pick which one I thought would most likely be true I'm actually leaning towards theory 4 since that would be a great finale. I also believe theory 0 might have some truth to it.

Caxtus7504277d ago

just quikcy can someone explain mgs4?

who is the young snake in the trailers? and why has snake aged so much if its only 4 years after mgs2? thanks :)

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The story is too old to be commented.