Gamasutra: Shooting For The Stars: Blizzard's Sigaty On Developing StarCraft II

To call Blizzard's upcoming PC real-time startegy game StarCraft II "anticipated" would be a pointless bit of understatement. The game's release, over a decade since the release of its wildly successful predecessor, begins next year with the debut of a base game, Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty, followed by two expansion sets.

Along the way, there have been Blizzard's customary 'exactitude' in carefully preparing the game and its infrastructure to go out the door. This most recently manifested itself in a delay, thanks to stated difficulties getting the next generation of the service up and running concurrently with the game's launch.

Of course, that tech shift alone isn't even taking into account Blizzard's atypical polish-focused and lengthy development process.

To find out more about the story behind StarCraft II, Gamasutra recently sat down with the game's lead producer Chris Sigaty, and with him delved into the practices and pressures that have lead to the game that will ship its first chapter in 2010.

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