Coded Arms Assault Extended First Look Trailer

A must-see trailer for any 'Virtual Reality' geek. Several new enemy types shown, also a look at the stunningly detailed new female character.

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Karibu6173d ago

After aliens and WW theme, we get Virtual Reality.
How this has not done before?


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THE TRUTH6172d ago

The game still looks too be early in development but looks to be promising, I will be keeping an eye out for this title

PS3 Owns All6172d ago

So will I my friend, so will I!

Bhai6172d ago

Virtua Quest on PS2 is a similar title, with the main character jacking-into various virtual worlds like ancient japanese towns to forests to modern city scapes, in order to find 'Data' on the lost 'Virtua Fighters'. The game delivered several gameplay types like fighting, platforming to puzzle-solving. It didn't show any technicality wise phenomenal approach but did delivered hours and hours of imagination and fun, also it had a great final boss-fight and lots of things to unlock like action figures of Virtua Fighters and so on.

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