Kmart list "Sony PS3, SLIM PRESELL 2" for $299

TGB writes: "Kmart has listed a PS3 available for preorder for $299... with a release date of 8/24/09"

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omni_atlas3763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

Xbox 360 @ $299 or PS3 @ $299 ?

Agree if you'll take the PS3.

Disagree if you'll take the Xbox 360.

Pennywise3763d ago

Two buckets of tears so far! lol

Today in less than two hours is going to be epic.

Xpandemic3763d ago

hmm im an xbox fanboy and im actually hoping this is real

The Meerkat3763d ago

Me too.

Now where are the pics and will it still have wireless.
I need a wireless media player for my bedroom.

Omega43763d ago

All we need now is to see what it looks like and weather its lost or gained any features

Fishy Fingers3763d ago

What could they drop? It's pretty much already stripped down to the essentials compared to the original 60gb. Wifi, blu-tooth, 2 USB ports, just like the current model would be my guess. Does the current "fat" have a card reader?

Pennywise3763d ago

Weather or not, huh? I think it comes with some precipitation and a slight chance of rain. Highs in the mid 80's.