CVG: Mass Effect 2 Preview


Ever since the credits rolled on the first game, we've been hungry to know how the story continues, and more importantly, to know if there are going to be any nasty consequences following our dubious moral choice to, er, 'go interspecies' with Liara last time. We confess our sexy adventure to Hudson, and he rather cryptically tells us: "Relationships and human stories are central to the Mass Effect experience, and the decisions you made regarding relationships in the first game will carry into ME2 and beyond as some of the most important aspects of the ongoing story." Do we hear the pitter-patter of tiny half-human, half-Asari feet? Is that so wrong? Morality. It's a tricky bugger...

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Socomer 19793762d ago

Snooze fest incoming. Without Wrex the game is pointless.

skeletonss3762d ago

do you like sounding like a mad little boy?

Socomer 19793762d ago

Yes I do.

The voice bounces around in your head until it becomes your original thought because of my influence. Now im your concience and I own you.