Gran Turismo 5 playable at GamesCom

Gran Turismo 5 will reportedly be playable at GamesCom.

According to Japanese magazine Express, Polyphony Digital's PlayStation 3 game Gran Turismo 5 will be playable at GamesCom in Cologne Germany.

The article is mostly about Gran Turismo on PSP, but a small box features Gran Turismo 5, titled "PS3 GT5 Playable," and reads...

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MURKERR5388d ago (Edited 5388d ago )

cant wait to see how the damage looks and affects the car physics

LiL T5388d ago

This is the best news in weeks. Was getting tired of slim/price drop stories and two pages of starcraft news ( nothing against starcraft but don't really need two pages of it.)

RowSand5388d ago

but im worried the damage model is only for rally...?

UltimateIdiot9115388d ago

This is in fact good news. Now just a release date and maybe world hunger and wars will end.

MURKERR5388d ago (Edited 5388d ago )

'spitting in the wind'

its great thinking your product is good but to bash the competiton who were the originators of your genre of game making,(basically without them there would be no forza)and also bashing when you havnt seen the competitions latest instalment is down right foolish

MisterNiwa5388d ago

>___< Today is such an awesome Playstation Day!

OnlyOnN4G5388d ago

Yep, that was GT5 alright, just watch the video from 1:30 onwards, you'll see the racing seats with the GT5 insignia on the rear of the TV's.


himdeel5388d ago

...so very excited that this game is now officially there!!!!

marinelife95388d ago

Can't wait to see some footage.

LiL T5388d ago

What are you playing on sunday. Only good thing that is happening this sunday is Schumacher is driving for Ferrari at the european grand prix. It will be EPIC!.

Monk3y5388d ago

that Gt5 will become the new Race Driver GRID, IMO the car damage should be at minimal priority

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Darkeyes5388d ago (Edited 5388d ago )

Woo hoo... Bring it on... GT5 for December along with PS3 Slim and I am sold... Again.

JackBNimble5388d ago

Just give me GT5 news that`s all I care about.To hell with the slim or even ps3 price cuts (in my opinion)!


WOW didn't see this coming I hope someone leaks a gameplay video or something.