IncGamers' MMO Weekly 18/08/09

This week Jeff Hollis looks at what makes an MMO an MMO, and where Action RPG titles cross over.

"Hello there, fellow gamers, and welcome to this week's action-oriented edition of MMO Weekly. In this week's installment, we'll take a look at "Action RPGs", and how they are slowly mutating, morphing, and becoming ever more indistinguishable from their cousins, MMOs. Well, sort of. Read on, and you'll see what I'm talking about."

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Leord4849d ago

Action RPG's are cool, how dare you :P

Chazmers4849d ago

an interesting read, definitely brings up some valid points.

AndyA4849d ago

Seems like there's a grey area there.

Maticus4849d ago

Guild Wars is an MMO, no doubt.