Sega hints at Major Game Announcement for Strategy fans

Sega has told strategy fans via an email to look out for an important announcement from GamesCon 2009.

Could this be something Creative Assembly are working on next?

Stay tuned for more news from GamesCom 09 as it develops.

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M337ING3763d ago

Well, don't they always do an expansion for each of their games?

It's about time they announce one for Empire, since it sold so well.

Roper3163763d ago

I would much rather have them say they are also making a Valkyria Chronicles 2 for the PS3 as well as the PSP

Sexius Maximus3763d ago

I hope for Shenmue...but I could see a new Shining Force, maybe using VC's Canvas Engine.

Gamer_Politics3763d ago

i'd rather have Shenmue 3 on 360/ps3

Roper3163763d ago

but that isn't a strategy game though and we all wish that would happen as well as Yakuza 3 coming west

bigjclassic3763d ago

They typically dont support more innovative project like that. With all of the money it would take to craft a Shen 3, it would need to sell some units....

But, SEGA should just gimme VF5R from Japan with some online.

Elven63763d ago

Virtua Fighter 5 sold horribly on consoles from what I am hearing.

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